When it comes to sex, the more positions…the better! But, have you noticed that there are some positions that you enjoy more than others? Or even that one special position that feels as though it was made for YOU!? Well, what if it was? Read on to discover which sex position is best suited to your zodiac sign!


Although you love to be in control and probably find yourself on top quite often, the stars know that nothing quite stirs your desire like a worthy opponent in the bedroom. Why not surrender to your partner and allow him to gently take control in the bedroom? Just see (feel) what happens next!


You like for your partner to be on top, and the zodiac agrees. This position works well for you because of the intimacy and lack of control that you have in the situation. Both factors turn you on immensely. Why not have your partner lean down further next time so that you two are truly face to face!


Gemini, you may or may not be surprised to learn that there is no one given position for your sign. Variety is the spice of life, as they say – and you know this all too well. Whether you want to be romantic and affectionate or animalistic and wild depends on your mood that night! Music works for you though (and sets the mood for your partner) so, get the playlist sorted!


This may excite you, Cancer, or even surprise you – the position that works best for your sign is standing up! Now, it may seem pretty adventurous, but it is very doable as well! Having him perch you up against the wall while you wrap your legs around him lends itself to some hot and heavy make out sessions during sex!


You like to show your partner a good time whether in the bedroom or not! The position that works best for you is a girl on top position! This allows you to have maximum control, and err maximum pleasure – keep it up, girl!!


You are known for being inside your head too much, Virgo, even when it comes to sex! In order to gain most satisfaction from your bedroom endeavours, the zodiac suggests a doggy style experience! You will be so taken by the things you feel that you won’t have the need to disappear into your head!


You and your lover will enjoy the more intimate positions when it comes to sex. As such, the sideways position works well in the bedroom. Allow him to enter you while you two are in a spooning position and feel the intimacy grow between the sheets.


Given your animalistic nature when it comes to the bedroom, it’s no surprise that doggy style is on top when it comes to positions! This position allows your partner to see your wild side come alive, while still being in control! Go with it, you have no idea how much it turns him on to see you this way!


According to your zodiac sign, what you like most about sex, Sagittarius, is the intimacy and ability to connect with another human being on such a primal level. It should come as no surprise then that the position that screams out for you is one that involves lots of kissing! Try a cradle position, in which you are on top but your partner is sitting up right – allowing lots of face time!


You enjoy being on top. You know it, your partner knows it – and guess what, the zodiac knows it too! The position just works for you. You are able to enjoy all of the ecstasy of sex while still maintaining your sense of control and rhythm. As the old saying goes, “why fix it if it ain’t broken?!”


You are known for your “up for anything” attitude and this doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the bedroom. Then again, it doesn’t just have to be the bedroom with you does it, Aquarius? Try an edge of the bed doggy style position for your most adventurous escapade yet!


Since you seem to have your head up in the air quite a lot, Pisces, why not give it a go with your legs?! The position that seems best for you, according to your zodiac is having your legs up in the air spread-eagle! You could try resting them on his shoulders too – allowing for a deeply pleasurable experience! /by Arya Khanna

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