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I love you – two little words that can completely change lives of two people. When you hear that “I love you” from the person you’re interested in; you feel like you’re swimming in a sea of bliss. We do not want to spoil it. However, it often happens that people pronounce big words in moments of mad love, and is sometimes better to take someone else’s words with a grain of salt.

You’ve said, but did you mean it?


A person full of enthusiasm, like Aries is, can say anything at the moment of ecstasy, and later … will forget about it. Like declarations of love. Do not take it too seriously and do not start to make grandiose plans. We do not want to get you to doubt the sincerity of your partner Aries, on the contrary. You can say anything to him, but not a lie. But again, as in nature, there are insects that live only one day, in the horoscope there are signs that the fall in love for a whole week!


If you expect this famous words from Taurus – it’s possible that you will wait for an eternity! You will suffer a lot until you hear it from him. But when s/he does, s/he will never withdraw his word, and this will be the highlight of your story. S/he will say them from the heart, honestly. It is proof that it is worthy to wait for good things.


He told you he loved you? Search for it in writing, just in case. And do not be surprised if you remind him of his words in the foreseeable future, and he tells you: “I said that? When? “. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea if you “save” in your head the place, time and exactly what was said before and after their declarations of love. If you tell him all these details, he may also remember his words that so cleverly “forget”. Remember the following: Geminis are good kind of people and with them you will never be bored because life is full of surprises. But this is not all always pleasant.


If one Cancer said that he loves you, you know he means it. Even if he still do not think so, will start soon. So, it can happen that he says it a little too early, but if he feels that is the right way, why wait? This does not mean you should have doubt. Relax and enjoy, because the cancer type of person is one who does not run from the relationship.


Leo is a serious guy and does not waste words around just like that. Even when it comes to a love declaration, with which he gives the most precious treasure – his heart, he will do it with full awareness and with a seriousness and officially. This should be quite enough for the “recipient” of this love confession, and should feel much honored. The conclusion is that it is forbidden to doubt his words. And do not even think to look for additional assurances. Just accept it and show him your gratitude.


They do everything with certainty, and when after many thoughts and weighing, they say “I love you,” you can be completely confident in their words. They would not say it easily or skillfully. For them, these words have a certain weight. They will never pull back their words, even after a long and hard thinking, even when you exceed the limits of their patience, even when they realize that your relationship is not what they expected and wanted.


For Libras the best part of the relationship is exchanging sweet words and gentle touches with a loved one. As soon as some deeper feelings get out, Libra will openly announce it to everyone. The only question is whether they really meant it? In essence, they are not in love only with you, but also with the very love, and since by nature are a bit of a narcissist, their “I love you” hides, “but I like myself a little more.” Do not worry, it will not affect your relationship, everything will be fine.


Scorpio hides his thoughts, and when he tells you he loves you, it is a serious and big thing. In fact, it will be used as a password to separate you from other amorous recognition and love, to be “quits” – by the logic of his thinking. The good thing in all is when he pronounces the famous words, in most cases he means it so that you can be sure. He will be next to you as long as you want him to be.


You ask yourself whether you have heard well when Sagittarius pronounces these words. He is not drunk, either fascinated or behave irresponsibly? Did you not put a gun to his head? Is he conscious and fully aware? Well then – well done! You just experience something that few have the opportunity to experience. You will have a nice story for the grandkids someday, but do not tie them to yourself. This can be done in a discreet way. Otherwise, he may felt trapped, and one day will want to escape.


Capricorn considers that great words are nothing compared to the acts that actually show the true feelings. This applies to the pronunciation of “I love you”. He will analyze you and will put you “under a magnifying glass” because you asked for a reason of so many skimps on words. If he utters these two words, you have to know that he will be 100% sure of his feelings.


Aquarius belongs to the category of people from whom you have to “pull out” declarations of love. In the best case, if you ask him whether he loves you, his answer would be like “Well … of course.” Certainly, under these circumstances, consider this as a diplomatic answer, which does not indicate the stability of your relationship. Aquarius is a champion of freedom. He likes the feeling that at any moment can run away (even in the depths of his soul he wants to be forever in the relationship). Simply, it is something he does not tell anyone … so why should to you?


When in a relationship there is no love and sweet conversation between two people, this sign of the Zodiac feels like – a fish out of the water! He cannot survive. On the first appropriate occasion will tell you that he loves you. He wants to say it, but also to hear, over and over again. And will not be bored by that. The first time you exchanged these words, you will be pleased and cute, but eventually, after many repetitions, you will begin slowly to “lose your temper.” On the other hand, Pisces has an unpredictable character.

It may happen that one morning will get up and will simply say that no longer loves you – „fall out of love”. So do not blindly stick to everything.

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