Halloween is a celebration that goes back through the ages and was originally a prayer day to give blessings to those who had died, so in a sense, it’s also a celebration of life! Here’s a Halloween horoscope costume guide, so if you’re having trouble selecting a party look, you can do it by the stars!



Ms. Aries: The Wicked Witch is here. You can have a temper tantrum and be a bitchy-witch. You can also be a white witch, but for Halloween, it’s definitely the black variety! Or look for a Venetian Mask. Perfect for party time!

Mr. Aries: The Devil. Those poor misguided souls who can’t stay on the straight and narrow will walk straight into your pitchfork. For a mask, go for a Stormtrooper – great for Aries warrior.



Ms. Taurus: Ruled by Venus, it has to be Goddess Venus! Love, glamour, and beauty, but watch out, Venus also has a jealous and possessive side to her. The perfect mask would be a Peacock Feather Mask – simply beautiful.

Mr. Taurus: Try a Gandalf the Wizard costume and use your level-headed powers to fight evil and restore good in the world. Or wear a Frankenstein Mask – after all, you both don’t like to be rushed!



Ms. Gemini: For you, indulge in a Fairy Costume. Of course, you’d be a mischievous fairy, who just couldn’t help playing a few little tricks here and there. For a mask, look at a variety of Jester Masks, the beautiful ones, of course.

Mr. Gemini: As Gemini’s love to play tricks, The Wicked Jester costume is perfect! Now you can be the prankster and get away with it. For your twin, look for a Vampire Mask.



Ms. Cancer: Lilly Munster. Lilly was a loving mother and dedicated wife but don’t even think about crossing her, because don’t forget, she was also a Vampress. As Cancers like to stand by their men, try a First Lady, Melania Trump mask.

Mr. Cancer: The perfect costume for you is, The Masked Bandit. The Cancer nurturing spirit races to the rescue. For a mask: Look for a Ghost Face, to suit your intense intuitive side and to mask your moodiness.



Ms. Leo: Cleopatra – Queen of the Nile is totally you. After all, you are a Queen, now everyone else will know it too. Or wear a Wicked Queen Mask, or anything that says you are the most cherished of all.

Mr. Leo: Hail Caesar. Portraying an Emperor of this standing is a natural for a Leo. Take control and be the leader you were born to be. Choosing a mask – make it Elvis Presley – nothing less than a standing ovation.



Ms. Virgo: It has to be a Batwoman Vampire costume. Under that sweet virginal appearance there’s a vampire bat just waiting to be released on unsuspecting by-standers. For a mask, go for the opposite and wear Moulin Rouge.

Mr. Virgo: Count Dracula. Straight from Transylvania, you’ll be able to charm your way into the arms (or necks) of captivated lovers. Or try on a Wizard of Oz Timman mask – logical, with feelings.



Ms. Libra: What else but Cinderella – beautiful, romantic, and charming. For a Star sign that loves beauty and is ruled by Venus, it’s a perfect choice. If wearing a mask, wear an icon of beauty of your choice.

Mr. Libra: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You may look scary but you’re into fairness, and protection. Or try on a John F. Kennedy mask, or political figure and align yourself to presidential justice.


Party City – www.partycity.com

Ms. Scorpio: Marilyn Monroe is the perfect costume for a temptress Scorpion. Who else can perfect those sexy lips? Or, a Black Leather Kitty Mask – all you need now is the whip!

Mr. Scorpio: The Pimp – that’s you, in control of everyone! You want to know where they are, what they’re doing, and whom they’re doing it with. Looking for a mask, then try Star Wars Darth Vader –controlling the underworld!


Party City – www.partycity.com

Ms. Sagittarius: The Goddess Athena. The Greek goddess of wisdom, you probably already think you were her in a past life, so here’s a chance to play the role. For a mask, look for a Kenya Cat headdress.

Mr. Sagittarius: The Priest. Get ready with your cross, garlic, and wooden stake as your job will be to exorcise the naughty little devils (you’ll be busy!) Yoda Jedi Starwars, the wise one, is perfect as a mask.


Party City – www.partycity.com

Ms. Capricorn: The Fallen Angel. For the girl who’s generally good, but likes to be bad! I don’t want to reveal all your secrets, but this one is definitely for you. For a mask, select a smart business woman of the world.

Mr. Capricorn: The Undertaker. All in black with a stylish top hat, but don’t be surprised if not many people want to hang out with you. Or try a Klingon Mask.


Party City/HalloweenCostumes.com

Ms. Aquarius: Morticia, from the Addams Family. As Aquarians don’t aspire to be normal, Morticia with her weird life and family is exactly right for you. For a mask, look for glitz and sequins, anything that’s different.

Mr. Aquarius: Austin Powers. Yeah Baby! It’s weird, wonderful, and wacky. You’re saving the world, that’s you! For a mask, try on an Alien Mask, one of those intellectually superior characters.


Walmart/Spirit Halloween

Ms. Pisces: I dream of Jeannie. Oh Master! Think of all the wishes that can be granted. It’s literally a dream come true for Ms. Pisces. Or try a Feather Mask – Soft & romantic, a trail of lovers will be following.

Mr. Pisces: Matrix – Neo. You are out of this world Mr. Pisces, so playing the part of Neo will come easily, especially the resurrection kiss! Or look for a Schrek Mask, you’re both softies inside. /by Jennifer Angel

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