Do you live life in a particular way? Are you more of a restless spirit or do you like things taking their own course?

Do you have certain rules when it comes to living your life? Yes? Well, have you ever thought why you live in a particular manner? Why do you live life by that one particular motto?

You might not have the answers, but your zodiac sign certainly does! Yes, the stars have the answer to why you live life the way you do!

Want to know your life philosophy? Here’s everything you need to know:

Aries – Take risks and conquer your fears.

By now, you might have realized that every Arian you know is a born badass. Know why?

Because their life motto is to beyond their fears and experience life like it is! No wonder they are called bravehearts!

Taurus – All or nothing.

Responsible and devoted, people born under this sun sign believing in giving all they have to anything they do!

If they commit themselves to something, they will do it.

And the fact that they are stubborn helps too!

Gemini – When nothing goes right, go left.

Can you blame all the Geminis out there for being a confused bunch? No, right? It’s all in the sun sign!

And so is their life philosophy! Geminis are always confused between two options, so if one doesn’t work out, they’ll always have the other option!

Sounds just about perfect for them!

Cancer – Better safe than sorry.

Definitely the kind of people who’d rather be secure than take risks!

Cancerians are always taking precautions because they don’t deal well with the stress of something harming them!

No wonder they develop a weird OCD!

Leo – Make the most of it.

Like everything else, Leos like their life BIG! So how do they live it?

By pampering themselves (aka splurging) and indulging in everything they love, so basically living life to the fullest!

Best life philosophy? Yes!

Virgo – Workout harder.

These hardworking workaholics are always motivating themselves to do one thing: workout harder!

No matter what, they will always keep on working and achieving their personal or professional targets.

Such dedication, much wow!

Libra – Be like water.

People belonging to this zodiac sign know the perfect balance to everything and they make sure they live the rest of their lives in the same way!

Well, it’s no surprise to us that they become excellent lawyers!

Scorpio – When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.

Spotted something unusual? You must be a Scorpio!

These people always look for the unusual in life and their surroundings. For them, being observant of the unnoticed is the best way to live life!

Sagittarius – Explore, dream, discover.

What are Sagittarians? Born explorers, that’s what! And they will always, always be up for discovering new horizons!

No wonder they always stand out as the winners in all aspects of life! Keep up the spirit!

Capricorn – Limitless.

Every Capricorn ever: “Boundaries? What’s that?”

Always the kind of people who push the limits and achieve their dreams, their life philosophy is to never stop, no matter what hurdle they have to cross!

Aquarius – Why be like everyone else when you can rise to original?

Aquarians are independent, creative minds and they love every bit of it! How do they achieve this though?

By living by the philosophy of being themselves, because being like everyone else is too boring!

Pisces – Be nice to everyone, including yourself.

Compassionate and kind, Pisceans believing in living a life that people will remember after they are long gone.

And how do they manage this? By being their nicest, not only to everyone around them, but even themselves! Truly good souls!

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