The Greek myths were written to come up with explanations for why life and our existence are the way they are. The creatures of all mythology across the world have been written in such a way as to represent the traits, both good and bad, of humanity.

Our fear and pride, our gluttony and shame, all of it is reflected in different mythological creatures.

Which Mythical Creature Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Interestingly, so much of the zodiac is grounded in mythology, so it’s only logical that there be a mythological creature for each zodiac sign. Here’s what mythological creature you are according to your zodiac.

Believe it or not, fiery Aries’ spirit animal is the werewolf, whereas there’s no surprise if we said Scorpio is the main seductress: the dark, sultry and s3xy image of the vampire. Find out where you stand in between fairies, mermaids, elves and other mythical creatures.


Werewolves – also known as Lycans legend has it that they were a race of people who could purposely turn into larger-than-normal wolves, but some stories differ saying that it was a curse that turned a human into a half-man/half-wolf monster without his consent during a full moon.


Dryads – Sensual and ethereal Taurus is one with the natural world. This explains why they have so much in common with the dryad, a forest spirit irrevocably tied to the trees.

Protecting their woodland world with unmatched loyalty and spreading their healing powers across all who ask for help, a Taurus emanates dryad strength.


Fairies – Mischievous, mystical, and constantly fluttering their wings, a Gemini sees everything through the eyes of a fairy.

Moving between portals connecting the human realm to the magical realm, a Gemini has their hands in every facet of our shared world. They love to add a sprinkle of their fairy dust to any situation, if not simply for the fun of it.


Sirens– Not to be confused with mermaids the original sirens had wings, but they lived by the sea.

In some legends they were beautiful women who sang sailors to the rocks and drowned them, in other stories the sang them to the rocks to devour the sailors themselves.


Nephilim – The offspring of humans and angels in some stories they are giants, who are taller, stronger and dumber than most humans.

In other stories they are beautiful/handsome creatures with retractable wings of ether, known for their passionate and ruthless behavior. Strong , handsome/beautiful, vain, and addicted to luxury sounds pretty Leo to me.


Elves – magical creatures that often live apart from society, but have been know to both help and hinder humans.

They are ageless peaceful and very beautiful. They live by their values, and value logic above all else.


Sylphs – Also known as air elementals they are known as the protectors of beauty and the promoters of vanity.

They are said to protect the looks of those they favor. They are also responsible for the formations of the clouds.


Vampires – these beings are said to be very hard to resist and emanate a powerful attractive aura.

They can’t force anyone to do anything but they are very persuasive and it takes a strong person to say no. Dark, sultry, and s3xy so Scorpio


Centaurs Embodying the combined strength of the human and the natural world, a centaur gallops and speaks with the adventurous wisdom of a Sagittarius.

Journeying near and far with a bow and arrow in hand, a centaur accomplishes whatever they seek, gathering infinite knowledge in the process. A Sagittarius is on an endless journey. There’s no destination.


Satyr – The half-man/half-goat known for its s3xual nature. As Dionysian animals they believed that every physical pleasure was made for them and often enjoyed all of them in excess.

As they got older however some believe Satyr grew more sober taking on the responsibility of preserving the wild.


Undine – Bearing water in their name, an Aquarius exudes the quiet grace of an undine. These elemental water spirits lavish near lagoons and pools, acting as a messenger between the underwater world and the land world.

Fiercely adoring of humans, they admire and protect them from afar. Born without a human soul, they hope their beauty will lure in a human mate so they can join our kind forever.


Mermaids – Elegant creatures of the ocean, a Pisces is just as sensitive, emotional, and dreamy as a mermaid.

Exploring mysterious depths before splashing through the surface to gaze upon the shores, the imagination of a Pisces has seen it all. Always yearning for more, their magical voices can lure any sailor into their arms (or to their drowning death).

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