Aries cat will put your house & furniture in great danger. You should buy them plenty of cheap toys (They will quickly destroy them)

Taurus cat will eat and sleep the whole day. They rarely go outside, and you can keep your lap warm during winter by owning one of these cats.

Gemini cat will think they can actually talk to humans and meow all the time. Your neighbors will complain about him/her at some point.

Cancer cat is the cat that does well with other cats in the house. Cancer cats are one of the rare ones that share their food, along with Pisces.

Leo cat will seek attention by doing a bunch of random annoying things. Most prone to sitting on keyboards.

Virgo cat will just sit there, silently judging you. They are the easiest to groom, mostly because they already did it themselves.

Libra cat will never sleep on the floor. They can lie on your bed, your feet, your head, etc… They like licking themselves too.

Scorpio cat like to hide behind fridges and stuff like that. They will scare you at night when you go to the toilet. Like Virgo, they look like they’re judging you.

Sagittarius cat as a kitten will start climbing on the curtains and explore the closet. When they get older, they will disappear for a day from time to time.

Capricorn cat likes to sit by the window looking at… something… They look like they’re plotting. They are not very close to their owner.

Aquarius cat will lie in random awkward places with random awkward positions. They will get stuck somewhere someday for sure (like in electric wires)

Pisces cat will purr allot. They like to hug your feet or arm or face. They do cute things that you can make into gifs to post on your blog.

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