There are many Taurus qualities admired by just about every other sign in the Zodiac, so we tend to be the most befriended people on the planet.

We are ardent and wise companions who personify the motto, “Turn down for what?”

We are that shot of self-confidence and the authority on Resting Bitch Face.

But, hey, don’t just take my word for it!

Here are 10 qualities that perfectly depict what it means to be a Taurus;

1. We’re Stubborn As Hell

Taurus and stubbornness go hand in hand.

If you say something can’t be done, a Taurus will swim to the depths of the ocean just to prove he or she, alone, can conquer what was previously deemed “impossible.”

Even if there’s a tornado, hurricane and an earthquake raging at the same time, with all flights grounded until further notice, we’re driving this Honda CRV across the Pacific Ocean for spring break!

2. We Know What’s Best

Our strengths can sometimes be our weaknesses, stubbornness being one of them.

We often believe our way is the best way, and all others would do best to follow our lead.

We’re most likely to be caught in a debate over the most insignificant disagreements, which can make us seem overly critical or a snobbish to those who don’t know us.

We just value the facts, people!

So it’s best to just do what we say the first time. Just kidding (not really).

3. We’re There Till The End

Being the most loyal sign of the zodiac, Taurus value meaningful relationships founded on love and mutual respect.

It is our love and loyalty that (often times) overshadow our stubborn antics and allow our friends to tolerate us over the years.

What can we say? We’re worth it!

4. We Are — Wait, Are You Gonna Eat That?

There are so many beautiful aspects of life, and food is one of those things that make life worth living.

There’s no love on earth that can match the love a Taurus has for food.

Don’t touch our food. Our food isn’t bothering you. Don’t breathe on our food. You most certainly may not share our food.

We didn’t wait in line at Chipotle just for us to split a burrito bowl with you.

5. We Are Self-Confident

We’re not prideful people, but we’ve had a secure handle on who we are since birth.

Taureans aren’t concerned with what people think of them, and, chances are, our nonchalant attitude towards our own total perfection will rub off on our friends.

6. We Are The #YOLO Missionaries

Sometimes, Taurus can get so caught up with planning for the future, we forget to live a little.

YOLO is our motto when we’re deciding on whether to work on the assignment due in two weeks, or to have a turn-up session on a weekday.

7. We Will Always Forgive and Forget

Yes, we forgive you, and we’ll forgive you again. And, we’ll forgive you a third time.

We don’t like to burn bridges, and we’d prefer not to hold grudges. But, each time we forgive you, you’re pushed further away from our inner circle.

One day, you may look up to find we’re nowhere in sight.

8. We Know What Matters

Taurus are lifelong learners, and we like to take every opportunity we can to cultivate our minds. We’d be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t!

Because of this, we don’t feel the need to “put on a show” for those with whom we come in contact.

9. We Can Take A Joke

Laughter is one thing in life that makes everything better. Taurus will laugh with you, and they will laugh at you.

But, most importantly, we can also laugh at ourselves. Life’s too short to live with your knickers in a twist.

10. We’ll Accept You For You

You can always be yourself with any of your Taurus friends. We’re great listeners, and we provide unwavering support.

You want to go on blind dates with all the matches from your Tinder?

Do you, Boo! But, don’t be surprised if you catch your Taurus friend spying from across the restaurant in a mustache and shades. No Amber Alerts on our watch!

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