A Sagittarius woman is known for being fierce and adventurous. As a fire sign, she is brimming with passion and energy, and she’s known to be super curious and active.

Although a Sagittarius woman may seem difficult to get to know because she’s never in the same place more than once and can’t keep still, if you know her, you’re sure to want to get to know her a little deeper.

So to help you out, we’ve continued with the part 2 of 10 truths, about Sagittarius women you NEED to know.

1. She doesn’t care about what others think of her

She just doesn’t get easily offended by criticisms. She’s often told that she is too brash or too inconsistent, but she loves to embrace her personality and live life unapologetically.

2. She’s witty AF

She has a smart-ass mouth. She always has a comeback up her sleeve, and a clever response for just about everything.

3. She has great taste in music

When it comes to music, no other sign is as tasteful as a Sagittarius. She loves to jam out and is known for giving out great music recommendations.

4. She’s blunt

She loves honesty, so she doesn’t water-down her opinions, and she prefers to speak her mind.

5. She’s known for being inconsistent

Sagittarius women never stay in one place. Others see her as very fickle, but she just has difficulty committing to one thing at a time when she has the world at her fingertips.

6. She avoids appearing weak or vulnerable

Sagittarians are more sensitive than they want to admit. She will never appear weak because she believes she is tough enough to get through difficult times — and she’s usually right.

7. She’s easily irritated

She’s very hot-tempered and gets annoyed easily, but she usually don’t make a big deal out of it.

8. She rarely gets jealous

Sagittarius women understand the value of freedom, so she’s not likely to be controlling of her partner. She sees life as bountiful and rarely gets jealous of others for having more than her.

9. She HATES clingy people

Nothing annoys her as much as clingy people. Sagittarius women do not feel the need to constantly be around other people, so she gets very bothered when others cling to her.

10. She has LOTS of friends

Sagittarius women love to roam the world. In her travels, she may end up meeting a lot of people and she has a knack for easily becoming friends with just about everyone. /Helen Luc

If you have missed part 1 of this article you can read it here: 10 Truths About Sagittarius Women You Need To Know (Part 1)

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