Women born between the June 21-July 21 are the loving Cancerian women. Because of her deep emotions, she is probably the most sympathetic and sensitive women of all. Ruled by the moon, women belonging to this sign are highly intuitive.

When she is doubtful about something and doesn’t feel right, take her seriously on this. Her imaginative skills are extraordinary. To know her better let’s have a look at the characteristics of cancer women in different factors of life.

5 Characteristics Of A Cancer Woman In Detail.

1. The Lover

Love is typically conventional for the women of this zodiac sign. They want to be surrounded by all those lovy-dovy gifts like flowers, chocolates and even love letters. As the Cancer woman is highly sensitive, she needs some extra care when in love. She can be hurt immensely, her partner may even don’t realize that but small things may disturb her. So her partner has to be extra careful with his actions and words. Being a Cancerian, it is tough to win her trust but when she falls in love she would be really dedicated and even protective for her lover.

2. The Giver

She is caring towards the people in her life. She contains a natural maternal feature in her which helps her to form strong bonds with family. Feeling secure with her loved ones, she believes in ‘Home is where the heart is.’ Her natural maternal nature also makes her natural giver of love and care. Similarly, she expects the same love and care to get nurtured. Her emotions are deep, she can be as hard as a rock in tough times, but she’s one of those who can be easily hurt. She’s also good at making laugh which gives her a quality to spread smiles and cheer up the environment.

3. An Achiever

Because a Cancerian woman is so indulged in being emotional, it doesn’t mean that she holds less power in the workplace. Her intuitive skills also bless her with the good sense of judging people which result in making her brilliant business woman. She is not one who’ll let her plans be known to people around her, rather she works quietly and firmly believes that ‘Actions speaks louder than words.’ She knows right how to deal with people of different perceptions, this is because she is diligent in work field as well. She has great understanding in handling money matters.

4. The comfort seeker

As she is a homely person, she loves to be comforted. All she wants is to live a life of stability and contentment. She develops trust issues and cannot trust easily so she needs to be highly assured of everything in her life. Somewhere within, she is scared of getting hurt, may be because of her soft nature, but she tries to find her share of satisfaction in every kind of situation of her life. She happily wants to stay attached to her roots and as ‘home’ is the absolute place of comfort for everyone, she loves to take care of home.

5. The survivors

Cancer women are thoroughly sensitive and the best part is they know this! Sometimes being emotional may affect her adversely, so just to keep herself secure, she builds a guarding personality of herself. She protects herself from being hurt which makes her own savior. She is aware that blunt words can leave a deep impact on her delicate emotions, so she also avoids confrontations.

Summing up, we can say that a Cancerian Woman is someone made up love, gives love and needs love. She is beautiful at heart and very secure about her emotions. She would do anything to protect herself and her loved ones. Also, because she is extremely close to her family, friends, and homes, she cherishes every moment spent with them. She gets attached to certain things as well because those things bring back memories to her. So, memories also mean a lot to her. Beneath a hard shell of a Cancerian woman, lives a gentle loving lady. /By Divyanka Krsna

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