Cancer to the rescue…again? You almost can’t stop yourself rushing in to support people, whether they’re relatives, a romantic partner or the people processing childhood trauma in your weekly meditation circle.

But it’s time to get real: Your energy supply is not as bottomless as your compassion. As subterranean Pluto clashes with the demanding Libra Sun this Monday, October 14, you may be feeling utterly tapped out. If you don’t want to zap the little reserves you have left, halt the compulsive caretaking and turn that generosity on yourself, Crab. What will it take to replenish your own stores? A day at the Korean spa, a session with your therapist, candlelight yoga?

Invest in the thing that you KNOW will get you back on the road to vitality. Recently, someone you’ve been supporting has been acting like a spoiled brat. And yeah, you probably enabled the behavior by trying to be “understanding.” But as of Monday, you’re so done with colluding in the unhealthy dynamic. Time for real talk, Cancer. One proviso: Privacy is the best policy with Pluto in the mix, so have any heart to hearts behind closed doors.

Tuesday could bring an unexpected adventure with a side of romance! Even if you wake up in a leggings and oversized sweater kind of mood, make the effort to dress up. Under a spontaneous trine between enchanted Neptune and experimental Mercury, an invitation could come in mid-day that could keep you out late mingling with the cognoscenti.

A news alert may pop up about one of your favorite bands playing live or a special exhibit. Of course you’re going to get a ticket, Cancer, but better make that a pair! Bonding over shared cultural interests might strengthen a bond in tantalizing ways.

This weekend will reset your dials, turning your attention towards undiscovered vistas. With the moon nestled in Cancer both Saturday and Sunday, you simply can’t fake enthusiasm if you’re just not feeling it. So don’t! Your go-to hanging buddies might have different ideas about what constitutes fun, and you might struggle to rally relatives for any outings. Read the tea leaves, Cancer, and embrace your independent streak.

Whether you’re wandering through an antique district or driving until you find something that fascinates you enough to pull over and explore, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of your own company. Bring a book, sit down at the bar and have a meal on your own. You know how this usually goes, though: Before you’ve finished your appetizer, you’ll be making fast friends with the people sitting to your right and left.

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