Isn’t it ironic, Taurus, that the people who are quickest to dish out feedback are the easiest to offend? This Monday, October 14 could bring prickly interactions with the critics in your world. You want to read them the riot act…but don’t! As piercing Pluto squares the ego-driven Sun, people’s skin will be thin.

You could start a war by unleashing your “tell it like it is” candor. Some days, Taurus, you can be as smooth as velvet; other days, you’re as abrasive as sandpaper. (Just cue signmate Lizzo’s in-your-face anthem, Truth Hurts, for a live demo.) While you don’t want to sweep things under the rug, timing is everything…and Monday is NOT the time to risk rubbing people the wrong way.

Since diplomacy could be AWOL, reschedule meetings that are threatening to spiral into conflict. Even if things are copacetic, applying pressure to a serene situation could push people over the edge. The good news? Refocusing on a personal mission will get your week off to a highly productive start. Just do you.

On Tuesday, compassionate Neptune connects the dots to social Mercury, helping you smooth ruffled feathers. With both planets in the most cooperative zones of your solar chart, win-wins will start to appear where before you only saw roadblocks. In some cases, Taurus, you may have to stop yourself from giving too much! It’s easy for your caring sign to get enmeshed in other people’s affairs. But if your attempts to be helpful keep meeting resistance, there’s only one thing to do: back off and let time and space restore balance. When it comes to love, the Mercury-Neptune trine softens your stubborn boundaries and puts stars in your eyes.

Few subjects will be off-limits, and you might finally screw up the courage to discuss “next steps on the gameboard” with your amour du jour. Enjoy the enchanted rush but keep at least one hoof planted on terra firma. When this quixotic energy passes in a couple days, the object of your affections could take a tumble down from the pedestal. That’s not a bad thing though. If you can still accept them “flaws” and all, you’ll know you have a keeper.

Pack some serious socializing into your weekend as the moon in warm-fuzzy Cancer shines into your locally grown third house. Check out the cultural calendar in your area or any neighborhood that’s no further than a Lyft ride away. Under these active moonbeams, hands-on workshops will be as much fun as checking out galleries and live shows. Who wants to learn how to homebrew pumpkin lager or watch movies while you work on your Halloween costumes?

If you’re feeling fenced in, shift your perspective with a daylong road trip. Stop by that U-Pick apple farm, ride horses or just drive until you see a sign that intrigues you enough to pull off the highway. With this intimate lunar energy shining into your friendship house, you have the perfect excuse to invite a new acquaintance to tag along with your go-to friend group.

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