Do you have enough personal space, Libra? A reconfiguration is in order this Monday, October 14 as private Pluto in your domestic zone clashes with the Sun in Libra and your autonomous first house. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a gut renovation! Just pick one room or area to transform.

For example, you could move your sleeping quarters to the quieter zone of your apartment. Or maybe you’d like to convert some square footage to an activity that’s relevant to your life right now, like recording music or a daily yoga practice. If a certain room feels stressful, it might be time to change the color scheme or remove clunky furniture that’s cramping the space. Pro tip: Try grouping your sentimental treasures into collections. Like a museum, you can rotate the “exhibits” instead of putting everything on display all at once.

If one of your roomies has been too liberal with their open-door policy, call a house meeting to discuss visitor hours. But it goes both ways, Libra: If you’re going to lay down rules, you have to be willing to follow them yourself!

‘Tis better to give this Tuesday as social Mercury trines compassionate Neptune. Instead of giving people the old, “What have you done for me lately?” give some attention to relationships where you’ve been the recipient of someone’s goodwill. A random act of kindness is always worth practicing while you’re out and about, but don’t stop at these humble acts of service. Generosity paves the way for collaboration and helps you get a Chelsea boot in a door that’s been closed to you in the past.

One proviso: Make sure that your giving is coming from a place of genuine interest. Once you start pursuing an opportunity, people will expect you to come through with deliverables. Do you really want this thing or is it just a passing fancy? Better make sure before you launch the charm offensive.

Weekend thoughts turn to finances and professional advancement, as the moon hovers in Cancer and your ambitious tenth house. While you’re sipping your morning mocha, reflect: Have your ambitions or values shifted? Are you still interested in that milestone you’ve been striving for? Even if you love your work, it never hurts to make a few periodic tweaks. How could you add more soul to your goals to keep yourself motivated—and your heart in it?

Maybe you’ll find a worthy cause to donate a portion of proceeds to or hire a consultant to help you “massage” your vision into a practical and profitable plan. With these moonbeams coming from security-minded Cancer, staying focused on the long-range objectives and not just the low-hanging fruit will put the wind back in your sails. Hey, how about organizing a “finish the year strong” mastermind group with a small squad to bolster one another’s goals?

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