This morning, there can be the need to redo tasks or attend to practical details, dear Taurus. Refinements need to be made to incomplete or weak plans.

Any existing difficulties with sharing power or money may emerge now in a relationship, or your own financial concerns can loom larger in your mind now.

Focus on accomplishing your goals step by step and do what you can instead of wasting time on worry. Also today, Ceres enters your communications sector, where it will transit until September 23rd.

This influence brings warm, encouraging energy to your relationships with classmates or siblings, communications, and studies. You may be doing more teaching, mentoring, and otherwise supporting others on a mental level.

You might also find more nourishment and emotional satisfaction from your personal interests and daily communications.

You’re certain that your ambitious new plan is good for the wellbeing of everyone involved.

Unfortunately, you still may need to fend off criticism from someone who thinks you’re only in it for yourself.

Luckily, you possess the necessary skills to guarantee your success. But reaching your goals is not very satisfying unless you do so in a kind and supportive manner.

Your current adversary might not even be a real nemesis unless you turn him or her into one by escalating a disagreement.

Jim Wallis wrote, “We can find common ground only by moving to higher ground.”

As Ceres leaves your income sector she leaves behind some clear objectives and some stunning influences in play across the income, work and career fronts.

In the meantime, Ceres turns her focus onto your communications, at a time when there could be some tension after the weekend’s Full Moon.

While Ceres won’t help open the communication lines, there are forces that can do that. Where she is able to help is in making your communication needs more transparent.

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8, 19, 38, 39, 41, 42

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