I know what you’re going to say – “Do I have a personal vendetta against people with this particular Zodiac sign?”. Absolutely not!

A Zodiac sign alone is not enough to define someone’s personality. However, there are similarities found in people with the same Zodiac signs. You have to, at least, consider that much. Cancerian boyfriends can be perfect for you. They have an adorable way of handling things.

I’m going to discuss about every Zodiac sign and their mood fluctuations and this knowledge can help you predict what’s coming. Don’t try to be over judgmental though, it might hurt you.

I cannot stress enough that guys who have this sign have as much possibility of being perfect boyfriends for you as any other sign. Here are some of the flaws you might come across while keeping in mind the above information.

1. Mood swings

He can be an emotional rollercoaster. Cancerian men are overly-sensitive. His mood may turn off without any reason sometimes and on occasions he may be dancing with joy. If we peruse the whole Zodiac, we will find out that if there is anyone who is an emotional mess to an extreme extent, it’s Cancer.

Their bipolar tendencies may be hard to deal with in a relationship but if you love your guy, then love him with all his flaws and fragile insecurities. You’ll definitely feel more accomplished and more proud of yourself.

2. He can use you

They have a way of manipulating you to feed their own emotional hunger. They always want to feel wanted and looked around and that can become problematic at times. If you can’t show that level of commitment, then they’ll eventually try to guilt-trap you because their standards of love are pretty high.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about that, sit down and have a talk with him. The best way to handle a relationship is to lay all of your cards on the table.

3. You can never be sure of his true self!

We all know what bipolar tendencies can bring out. His personality switches between so many shades that you don’t know which particular color to trust. You are caught inВ perplexity. Sometimes, he’s caught in the blues and sometimes he’s on the moon.

But you have to admit that these kind of hormonal changes happen to people of different personality traits disregarding any Zodiac sign in the process. Sure, Cancerian men may have a little bit more of it but their good traits will compensate for that.

4. Mama’s boy!

If you mess with his mother, you’re in for a big problem. He loves his mother and has a deep emotional attachment with her. He discusses everything with his mother and wants you to treat her the same way he does.

I think that strengthening your relationship with his mother might get you closer to him and he’ll keep you in high regards for that. It’s always good to have a sound relationship with your partner’s parents because if you want someone for the rest of your life, then you’re going to have to deal with their parents too.

5. Winning him over won’t be a walk in the park

Are you looking for a one night stand? Step away. Cancerian men are highly perceptive and they can be good character judges. Moreover, they will have trust issues. These trust issues will be even more severe if they have a tainted past.

You have to prove yourself to them in order to gain some sort of trust. Without that, your relationship will fail to flourish. There is a good side to this too, though. Once you do find a way to crack open the skin which shields his fortified heart, he’ll love you so much that you’ll feel like you’ve just won the lottery.

He will be worth it. He will devote his whole life into making you happy and in hard times, instead of running away, he’ll try to make amends. /by Relationship Rules

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