If you were born between the 23rd October and the 21st November, you’re zodiac sign is Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, along with Cancer and Pisces, which means they are gifted with a special sensitivity in relationships.

Scorpio people are very strong-willed and mysterious characters, they’ll do whatever it takes in order to achieve their goals. Scorpios are notably very charming and people are often drawn to them like magnets.

Here are 5 of the numerous reasons you should fall for a Scorpio…

1. Their ambition
Scorpios are hugely ambitious and will go above and beyond in order to become bigger and better. Money and success are huge motivators for Scorpios and aren’t afraid of aiming for the stars.

2. Trustworthy
Scorpio people are very faithful and you can trust them with absolutely anything. Scorpios hate to disappoint so you can be sure that they’ll always stand by you no matter what is thrown your way.

3. Bedroom skills
Scorpios have great sex appeal and if you’re attracted to one, it’s no doubt difficult for you to keep your hands off of them!

4. Intuition
Scorpio born people have great instincts and are led by their intuitiveness, thanks to their abilities they always seem to make the right decisions and are able to judge situations easily.

5. Their honesty
Honesty and fairness are two qualities that make Scorpios great friends, along with their loyalty and dedication, they make amazing friends for life.

What more reason do you need to fall for a Scorpio?

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