You want people to recognize your contribution to the group effort today. But they might not be aware of what you are personally sacrificing in order to be a significant part of the team.

Nevertheless, it’s less important to be acknowledged by others than it is for you to see concrete results from your work.

Harry S. Truman, a fellow Taurus, wrote, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

You have more drive these days to pursue your material needs and wants, dear Taurus, but today, there can be a tendency to want more than the world can offer you in the present.

Control or power games are tempting now, particularly if you feel frustrated about a matter of ownership or jealousy, but it’s not the solution to problems. You might also be a little too quick to jump to your defense – or to someone else’s – before you know the whole story.

There is a bit of paranoid energy with us all today! Think up better ways to deal with irritating situations today – ways that will serve your interests not only today but down the road. The Moon is in your sign until tonight, and this keeps your personal plans on the front burner.

As the Moon leaves Taurus and yesterday’s New Moon wraps up, this leaves you with an intuitive edge and a tailwind at your back that allows you to commit to the journey ahead.

You might be just eight days into your birthday month and new solar year, but you should have a sense of what excites you.

What this is not is a time to get too bogged down in the details, for this is something that is still unfolding.

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