In my experience, of all of the signs I’ve met, Cancers have most consistently matched their descriptions.

Very few times have I met a Cancer who didn’t perfectly embody the key characteristics that constitute “the crab.” Defining characteristics of Cancers include emotional, empathetic, sensitive, active, intuitive, imaginative and loyal.

It is these characteristics that make Cancers the most gratifying people to love, and here are the reasons why:

1. They are good at adapting

Cancers are good at keeping up. Since crabs must shed their shells and find new ones often, known as molting, they remain strong in situations of change.

While Cancers may not like being lonely, they are good at being alone. The stereotypical “homebody” enjoys time spent on their own and being independent. Independence is a key part of adaptation, as it is the freedom of not having to rely on others to be comfortable.

Cancers can be comfortable with themselves in many settings where they may be forced to adapt. In relationships, this is important because change happens all of the time, such as change of location or changes in routine.

These aren’t major issues for Cancers, which makes situations of change less stressful events.

2. Cancers are open-minded

The majority of Cancers I’ve met have made me feel an overwhelming sense of acceptance. They are incredibly nonjudgmental. While this is one of the reasons they give great advice, it is also the characteristic that draws people to them.

Their favorite things about people are usually their quirks or flaws because those are the things that make people different. Cancers are incredibly sensitive to these traits and are typically fascinated by them.

In relationships, this is especially gratifying, as no one will love the things you may not like about yourself quite like a Cancer will.

3. Cancers are free-spirited

Like I said, Cancers do not like to be told what to do. They march to the beat of their own drum. While it is tempting and easy to follow the crowd, Cancers embrace being different.

They don’t strive to be the center of attention and sometimes shy away into the background, but they sure don’t try to blend in. They don’t need to shove their individuality in your face, but they don’t like to hide it from you, either.

In relationships, having a free-spirited partner is wonderful because they are more carefree and comfortable in their own skin.

4. Cancers will surprise you

A kind of magnetic attraction pulls friends, family and lovers to Cancers. Whether it’s their beautiful shells or their auras that make you want to discover what’s inside, you will discover many surprises when you get them to open up.

With their shells on, they fascinate you with your desire to know more because there is wonder inside their shells.

They are the ultimate contradictions – simple yet complex, cautious yet free spirited, tender yet edgy – and they never fail to keep you guessing.

While there are certain near guarantees you can expect, such as sensitivity and a caring heart, the adventurous side of a Cancer will take your breath away. This is key in relationships, as you’ll have the pleasure of settling into a familiar routine.

But, don’t confuse familiarity with “boring” because a Cancer is anything but.

5. Cancers are great dispute resolvers

Cancers’ great skill of remaining unbiased makes them great peacekeepers. They don’t like when people fight, and they look for the good qualities in everyone.

Because of this, they are capable of seeing multiple sides to any situation, and they will likely diffuse drama rather than stir it.

In relationships, they are able to admit when they are wrong and can play devil’s advocate, which helps them problem solve and move forward when faced with hurdles.

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