1. They are passionate.

Scorpios are not only passionate lovers, but they pour their passion into everything they do. When Scorpios follow their talents and true desires, they often excel since they are extremely motivated individuals.

They are easily excited about new things, which makes them curious, confident, and proud personalities. When dating a Scorpio, you should definitely be open to new and exciting things, because they will make you feel motivated just by simply standing next to them.

2. They put others first.

When Scorpios learn to deal with their highly intense emotions, they become the best healers, lovers, and friends.
They are extremely sensitive, and have a lot of depth to their feelings, so they are no strangers to dealing with other people’s intensity, even if that person doesn’t know how to deal with it themselves.

Scorpios are the first ones to lend a hand when they see someone in need, especially if that someone is in a particularly dark place. Scorpios do not fear the dark, in fact, they often thrive in it. So once a Scorpio has found their own way into the light, they want to enlighten their loved ones as well.

3. They are exceptionally s# xual.

Scorpios are extremely s# xual individuals, and they conduct themselves s# xually with the same intensity as everything else they do. They like to stick to one partner in the bedroom, but once they have someone to explore with they are focused, fearless, and live to please.

They are naturally very s# xual people and carry around a very s# xual energy with them wherever they go. People will be watching your Scorpio lover from the moment they walk into a room, but never fear, because your Scorpio will always, always come home to you and give you that deep, dark stare that means it is so on.

4. Their intensity is unmatched.

Scorpios live in extreme highs and extreme lows; there is no in-between. So it should come as no surprise that when a Scorpio falls for someone, they fall HARD.

Scorpios are used to being independent, and they don’t need anybody to help them thrive. But when they want something, they stop at nothing to get it, and when they have something, they hold on to it with all their might, making them a loyal, brave, and trustworthy companion.

5. They are protective of their loved ones.

The last thing a Scorpio wants is to lose somebody they love, so if they see that their relationship is being threatened, they go into full on defensive mode. They do not want anything to interfere with their relationship and are very possessive, since they rarely meet people they connect with on an emotional level.

A Scorpio’s possessive nature is not because of insecurity, but rather because they feel as though they are one with the person they love. Once Scorpios feel as though they “click” with another human being, they will become open, protective, and incredibly close.

If you are dating a Scorpio, you will never feel helpless, or feel as though you are unloved. They make sure to always keep your heart safe and keep you close, both mentally and physically. As long as you make them feel secure, they want you to feel the exact same thing, so do not feel threatened by a Scorpio’s intensity. Just embrace the fact that they only want you and nobody else.

Scorpios might be a lot to handle, but all they want is an honest, open, and secure relationship, and that is exactly what should be expected from them in return.

VIABrynn Taylor
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