1. Sagittarius tries to avoid petty drama and instead focuses on what’s important to them

Sagittarius tries not to get too caught up in petty drama and meaningless gossip.

They prefer to focus on the things that are most important including their friends, family and chasing their dreams!

2. Sagittarius is careful about who they give their heart to and takes time to commit

The Sagittarius is not the type of person to settle down with the first person that shows interest in them and they wont enter into a relationship unless they really feel that the person is worth it.

They are cautious about commitment and can get scared off when people come on too hard too fast.

3. When Sagittarius is hurting they can distance themself from others and conceal their emotions

When a Sagittarius is angry they tend to let EVERYONE know but when they are hurt they often go into hiding concealing their emotions from the rest of the world.

Sometimes they can have a hard time showing their emotional side and they often find it easier to express themselves through actions rather than words.

4. Sagittarius doesn’t hold onto grudges and leaves the past in the past

The Sagittarius doesn’t like to hold on to grudges for too long preferring instead to let go off the past and move forward with the future.

They’ve got much more important things to do than dwell over negativity.

5. Sagittarius is always there for their loved ones when they need them most

Whether it’s the middle of the day or 3am at night you can always count on Sagittarius to be there for you when you need them most.

They’re extremely loyal to those that they are closest too and will do just about anything to help a loved one out.

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