Friendship is a gift, and if you have Taurus friends you know how great that gift can be.

Bulls have many personality traits that make being friends with them a very full experience. Here are five things to know about being friends with a Taurus.

1. Tauruses love their food

For the most part, Tauruses are very sensual people, meaning they can be heavily influenced by things that make them feel good, safe, and comfortable. They live by their senses, which brings me to their love of food.

Yes, bulls love to eat, and they’ll make up any reason to include food in every event. They are also usually very good in the kitchen, so if you aren’t planning to go out to eat, they don’t mind. Tauruses are happy to cook and everyone else is happy too.

2. Tauruses are loyal

Tauruses are lifelong friends, and they can endure through the toughest times and remain pals. Distance will not end their friendships because they will travel to stay connected. Their loyalty is effortless and endless toward those they love.

3. Tauruses usually have some type of material fetish

Tauruses can be very materialistic or driven by the material world. This might seem shallow at first, but it’s not that way at all. Tauruses simply need to see and have nice things around them in order to remind them of all their hard work and its value. For a Taurus, a nice pair of shoes or a fancy car means “I worked hard and smart for this.”

4. Tauruses have a most reliable work ethic

If you want to hire a friend to work with you, be sure that friend is a Taurus. Next to Capricorns, those born under the sign of Taurus are the hardest working of the zodiac.

A Taurus will work night and day for you, and it will be work done well. But be prepared to pay her what she’s worth and not one penny less. Taurus’ don’t play with their money.

5. Tauruses are stubborn

It’s pretty common knowledge that Tauruses are stubborn, but until you experience it firsthand, you don’t have a clue what that means. Imagine trying to move a big bull from its comfortable position.

You’re doing everything in your power to get it to move and it just won’t budge. It’s as if it doesn’t even notice you’re there. A Taurus does not move until it sees fit. This might be seen as being difficult, but according to a Taurus, she’s just doing things in her own time.

VIAMonique Ruffin
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