Gemini is a great sign to have. There are many wonderful traits you could have as a Gemini. You may not have all of these but you’ll probably see yourself in some of them. Celebrate the ones that you do have for their part in making you such a wonderful person.

You’re probably flexible in various situations if you’re a Gemini. You don’t get bent out of shape easily and can roll with the punches when others tend to panic. This is a great trait to have. Life’s going to happen whether you’re flexible or not so it’s always better to not get upset over things easily. It makes things go much smoother for you.

In doing research to write this article, one thing that came up over and over was that Geminis give great advice. You probably find that your friends often turn to you when they need someone to talk to. They know that they can count on you to listen and think about their problem from all angles. This means your advice is almost always spot-on. You can usually figure out the best solutions for yourself when you’re in a difficult situation, too.

Geminis are gentle in communicating with others. Some would even say that you’re soft-spoken. You’re definitely not aggressive in your speech. Because of this, people usually respond well to you. You can talk to almost anyone and not offend them because of how carefully you communicate. This is a skill that can be beneficial all through your life, especially in certain careers you might choose.

Geminis can be counted on to lighten up any situation with humor. They’re very funny as well as being fun to be around. This will earn you friends wherever you go. Your ability to bring humor to others is something to love about yourself. Life is serious; why not laugh when you can?

Many people have fallen under the charm of a Gemini. The fact that you’re charming can be an asset to you. It can help you to get your teacher to grant an extension on a project or to get on your boss’s good side. Having charm is something that many people wish they had, but Geminis are naturally blessed with it. This is another thing to love about yourself if you’re a Gemini.

These are 5 things to love about yourself if you’re a Gemini. Are any of these traits true of you? We’d love to hear from you.

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