Characteristics of a Taurus I’m going to mention here will definitely make you appreciate this sign a lot more, understanding that stereotyped stubbornness definitely isn’t the one to define it.

Taurus zodiac sign is actually very positive, peaceful, and great to have around and will bring a lot of stability into your life either as a friend, family member or a partner!

But let’s cut the long story short and move straight to those interesting stuff you’re dying to see confirmed!

And here are those awesome taurus traits you’ll have no choice but to love and respect…


Whether we’re talking about love life, friendships or business relationships, loyalty certainly is one of the best characteristics of a Taurus and something you can definitely count on!

Taureans aren’t stupid, of course, which means the only way you’ll be able to enjoy that afore mentioned loyalty is by actually earning it!

Be a good friend, partner or superior and you’ll see how cool it is to have a strong bull as an ally but trick him or betray and throw him off balance and you’ll get a taste of this bull’s explosive nature.


Steady, consistent and totally not fond of turbulent environment and/or lifestyle, Taureans are folks you can really let yourself get comfortable around!

They love nice things and enjoy fun times spent with friends and family but are quite fond of their routines as well not to mention super responsible and therefore employees you can rely on and partners that will never give you any reason to doubt them.

These folks love to chill yet are born with a sort of a natural discipline that forbids them to even think about rolling on their back while there’s work to be done!

A perfect balance between a nervous workaholic and slob, your bull might love to play hard but that’s only because he works hard as well!

If I were you, I’d definitely keep that in mind and add it to my list of Taurus traits!


Unchangeable, down to earth nature might easily be the most important characteristic of a Taurus as folks born in this sign tend to exhibit all of those positive traits influenced by the earthy character of their sign.

Wise and rational, Taureans possess that practical knowledge and determination that helps them succeed yet are very careful even when they spend lavishly and will rarely allow themselves to be over-consumed with power or riches.

Their fixation over material stuff goes way deeper than just aesthetics as they symbolize security which, together with a stabile environment is what Taurus loves the most.

Low-abiding, generally very peaceful, interested in making rational choices and being fair, Taureans are perfect neighbors, friends and spouses but will slam the door in your #face should your respected persona prove to be too explosive and disruptive of their coveted peace!


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Often called forth for their stubborn nature, Taurean’s biggest flaw is one of his biggest virtues as well!

Now, in case you’re scratching your head, trying to figure out how on earth can I even suggest stubbornness as one of the best characteristics of a Taurus, you should know this is what often keeps him so determined and motivated.

When a stubborn Taurus has his mind set onto something, he’ll prove to be the most patient, most cautious person on this #world, moving slowly with the skill of a predator rather than brutal, frightening force of a horned animal this sign is supposed to represent.


But before you think Taurus zodiac sign is evil and calculated, let me just note how incredibly supportive and loving these folks are!

They are good friends, always ready to listen, offer a shoulder to cry on and give a prudent advice, amazing, 100% dedicated lovers who will always choose a meaningful #relationship over a steamy romance and incredibly loyal and devoted to their families!


As weird as it may sound at first, Taurus zodiac sign is quite a creative individual!
They might not be huge fans of changes but they sure love all the fancy things #money can buy and will, for that reason, be extremely motivated to push forward!

Melodic voice most Taureans posses makes a prosperous career in music quite an attainable goal for them, their practical, rational thinking helps them find their success in finances while their incredible patience and peaceful nature promise a bright future in teaching.

Due their almost Libra-like fixation with #everything beautiful, Taureans would even make great decorators although their deficiency in the so-called spiritual qualities suggests a Taurus might not be an ideal designer.

Which characteristics of a Taurus do you love the most and is there a special someone you’ve been thinking of while reading this post?

One thing is for sure- Taurus Zodiac sign is definitely worth your love so hope you have a lot of them around you and are enjoying the aura of peace and order that always seems to follow these folks!

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