She might come across as all sweet and smiling, but if you get on her wrong side then be prepared for her sting. The strong willed and mysterious Scorpio lady knows how to keep it alive and kicking and will never let you get bored.

We think the Scorpio girl rocks, hands down and here are 7 reasons you have choose her.

1. Scorpio women keep their friend, family and companion circles tight.

Scorpios are clever people who like to keep a tightly knit inner circle. Scorpios care deeply about their home and family life. Scorpios decide who they do and do not wish to spend time and energy on based on thoughtful, wise choices.

Because of this, anyone’s social life is sure to benefit from a Scorpio woman’s carefully curated and loyal friendships.

2. Scorpio women are direct, so you’ll never have to wonder where you stand.

Scorpio women are fairly simple in that they never hide the mood they’re in. Most women are confusing, right? Not Scorpio women. You’ll have no trouble understanding how she feels about you at any given moment in time.

Scorpios are clear about their likes and dislikes, because they don’t want to be bothered with things that don’t interest them. If you’re wondering why it’s difficult to understand a Scorpio woman, it’s probably because you just haven’t earned their trust yet.

3. A Scorpio woman won’t let you hide from strong feelings.

Scorpio wants to be with someone who isn’t afraid of commitment, emotions, passion or intensity. When a Scorpio woman is devoted to you, she’ll drive you to be your very best self. She will stick by your side as she challenges you to do and be better. And you will grow by leaps and bounds for it.

4. A Scorpio woman will always have your back.

Scorpio women are protective of their loved ones. Once you’ve earned the trust and loyalty of a Scorpio woman, she’ll be there for you through thick and thin.

This woman guards those she loves and cares for with every ounce of strength she has, and that strength is something she practically stockpiles.

5. She will challenge you to bring your all, especially in a relationship.

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A Scorpio woman looks for someone with a perfect mix of intelligence and s# x appeal. In relationships, a Scorpio woman wants to be with someone who provides an equal match to the bright sensuality she brings to the table on her own. Scorpios dive in head and heart first, and they expect no less from their partner.

6. Scorpio women rarely offer careless criticism or reprimands.

A Scorpio woman knows her words have meaning, so she is careful of how and when she uses them. She watches her words and their effects on others carefully.

The Scorpio woman knows there can be serious consequences for saying too much to the wrong people. She will take her time and size up her audience before letting anything spill from her cautious lips.

7. Scorpios are the kind of woman you only want more of over time.

Being with a Scorpio woman will leave you craving more. Who doesn’t want a woman they can never get enough of? Spending time with a Scorpio woman will leave you always begging for more — and in all of the best ways.

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