Leos are the lions of the zodiac kingdom. Born into the fiery heat of the summer sun, these lions are some pretty fierce, bold and interesting creatures.

From July 23 to August 22, Leo season takes over the Zodiac kingdom, and for the span of one blissful month, the world just seems like bit of a better place.

Leos are a lot of things, but one thing is for sure; they are not boring people.

Put it this way: If you were to follow a lion around all day, would it be a boring task? If you had a pet lion, would you lead a boring life? No, no you f*cking wouldn’t.

Here are the reasons why Leos are the least likely people to bore you:

1. Leos get bored easily

One sure way to keep the boredom at bay is by keeping a Leo around at all times.

Leos get bored easily with routine, and therefore, they are always itching to try new things in an effort to enthrall themselves.

They’re always down to do something offbeat and exciting, and if you stick around, you’ll get to go along for the ride.

2. Leos are always down for an adventure

Whether it’s taking a last-minute vacation or simply trying out that new restaurant, Leos are always down for adventure.

Mundane doesn’t cut it for Leos. They constantly want to be thrilled and roused; they are eternally seeking excitement.

3. Leos are confident creatures

Staying true to their lion symbol, Leos ooze confidence.

Confident individuals don’t tend to live boring lives, considering they don’t have a whole bunch of insecurities and self-loathing holding them back.

The most boring people usually lack the courage to go out and seize the day, but with Leos, this is never a problem.

They’re confident enough in themselves to know they’re good enough, and they’re totally ready for whatever life throws their way.

4. Leos have ambition

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Ambition drives us to progress and enhance our lives, and Leos are forever yearning to better themselves.

Leos are never content with mediocrity. And when they are unhappy with something, they will do everything in their power to improve it.

Leos are always aspiring to grow as people; they are constantly seeking their next upgrade.

5. Leos are full of energy

Overall, Leos have a lot of energy.

They have the energy to workout with you, energy to go dancing all night, energy to go on that long hike that nobody else wants to go on-energy to do anything and everything.

They’ll do whatever you want. They’re ready, energetic and always down.

6. Leos are overflowing with enthusiasm

“Oh. My. God. That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard (insert an endless amount of exclamation points here).”

If anything peeks their interest in the slightest bit, a Leo will go full on mom-at-her-kid’s-first-soccer-game on you.

Everything can be exciting to a Leo.

7. Leos are great in bed

Banging a Leo will never be a boring task. Leos are passionate people, and when it comes to s3xin’ and lovin’, they bring it.

Since they have to be the best at absolutely everything, a Leo will definitely be sure to show you an incredible time in the bedroom.

Lions are not bad at anything, and s3x is definitely no exception. Their pride could never take a hit like that.

8. Leos are witty as f*ck

Leos tend to be hilarious people.

Keeping a Leo around is securing that the laughing juices will be flowing all day, every day.

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