Women born under the zodiac sign, Taurus are vivacious, spirited, creative and true lovers of all things fine!

Although a Taurus girl is more of an open book than a mystery, there are a few things not everyone knows about her.

Here are 9 amazing things you need to know about the Taurus girl…

1. She is stubborn – which mostly translates to ‘extremely determined’!

Once she sets her heart on something, she will accomplish it, no matter what. She may come across as stubborn at times, but that is mostly because she believes in herself and the dream she has decided to chase.

2. She doesn’t like to play the ‘damsel in distress’ role

A Taurus girl is strong and that is exactly how she wants the world to see her. She is not the kind who will seek attention or sympathy.

Even if she is swimming in troubled waters, she will put her game face on and keep swimming, till she reaches the shore.

3. She LOVES her independence!

And she wouldn’t trade it for the world! She doesn’t like to be dependant on people for anything… Be it driving her to the market or financially supporting herself.

4. She can keep secrets for eternity!

If someone trusts her with a secret, she is one to keep it until the end. She values trust and loyalty and gives back as much as she expects from the people around her.

5. She has a thing for all things fine!

She likes to pamper herself and indulge in all things luxurious every once in a while.

As much as she enjoys the luxury, she makes sure she is able to build this lifestyle for herself and doesn’t need to depend on anyone else for the same.

6. Rewards and awards are her guilty pleasures in life.

She loves being awarded and recognized for her efforts and achievements. While she would never take credit for something someone else does, she would never give up credit for something she has done, either.

7. In love, she is loyal, honest and deeply committed

The Taurus girl has her heart in the right place and will go to any lengths to make sure that she does her bit in the relationship.

She also expects the same commitment from her partner and be warned, you wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.

8. She may be emotional, but she is equally strong, if not more!

She may get hurt if a loved one breaks her trust or if she has to part with someone close to her, but that does not mean she will break down.

She can get through the toughest of situations by virtue of her strength and positivity.

9. She doesn’t flare up easily but when she does, it’s not a pretty sight.

A Taurus girl is not a hot head by nature, but if someone takes things a bit too far, they’ve had it.

She is not one to hold a grudge after an outburst, unless someone gives her a very valid and unmissable reason to do so.

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