Your body may be feeling the effects of many months of stress today, as constant changes and uncertainty about your money situation are now starting to manifest physically. Shifts in your financial prospects might very well reflect shifts in your personal values and priorities.

Try to find a way to make peace with the feeling of not knowing, while continually checking in with what is really most important to you. This will be deeply healing for your nervous system and physical body.

You could look at particular circumstances and tell yourself that something wouldn’t be an issue if ‘this’ person agreed to ‘X.’ Or an issue wouldn’t pose the apparent problem it does if only somebody would do ‘Y.’

Worries can become compounded when we blame others for them. To bring a reassuring change, you may need to fend for yourself. But also be prepared to feel delighted at what you accomplish without relying on others.

On this day before a New Moon, it’s best to take a lighter schedule if possible, dear Aries, and find peaceful activities to enjoy. This lunation will occur in your work and health sector, bringing new beginnings and fresh energy to these areas.

New plans and projects are on the horizon. Today is ideal for reflecting on what you’d like to change or putting something to rest or behind you. In preparation for the new cycle beginning tomorrow, you might envision goals related to your daily routines and health.

Whatever gets you more organized and feeling in charge of your daily life is favored in the week ahead, and it’s best to pace yourself. Watch that you don’t burn out by attempting too much or by setting over-the-top goals for yourself.

Especially as the day advances, it’s best to avoid rushing through your work or conversations, as it’s easy to overlook something critical. Judgment may be off just for now.

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 5, 6, 7, 15, 29, 35

Daily Compatibility: Leo

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