If you thought that intelligence is a one-term word, then you’re probably not quite familiar with the nine types of intelligence according to the American psychologist, Howard Gardener.

We people are all unique creatures with completely different combinations of all of these nine intelligence types. Being a mathematical genius does not necessarily mean that you can rock the guitar like Jim Hendrix.

Unless, of course, you put a lot of hard work into it and get really good at it. But “hard work beats talent” is a completely different matter, so we better leave it for some other time.

Although being complimented as an intelligent person or genius can be very pleasing, at the same time, it can be very misleading. It can put you under a lot of pressure to exceed at everything and when you fail, you’ll be mad at yourself, as well as be criticized by others.

But let’s get it straight: no one can exceed at everything, because no one can have all nine types of intelligence at their finest.

Each of us is brilliant in their own way, but did you know that the astrology influences what types of intelligence you posses? According to your zodiac sign, we can help you identify what types of intelligence are your sharpest swords.

Aries: Intra-personal, Interpersonal

The natural born leader is the biggest risk taker of the zodiac, but that’s no coincidence. People born under the sign Aries are intuitive and trust their gut to a fault. They are able to recognize their own feelings, they know themselves and their goals very well, which is why every single move they make towards achieving their goal is a worthy one.

When you see a risk, Aries sees a possibility. Their consciousness is on a different level than anyone’s. They are also good at reading other people’s feelings, emotions, motives and behaviors.

Taurus: Bodily-kinesthetic, Interpersonal

People born under the Bull sign are body smart before all. Taureans are known for their physical stamina and power, and that makes them ideal fit for various sports, including roll in the hay.

Moving and positioning their body without much thought is what they do best. Another intelligence that exceeds at Taurians is the inter-personal intelligence, as they are incredibly compassionate and emphatic people who genuinely care about others.

Gemini: Linguistic, Logical-mathematical

Geminis are known for many things. First of all, they are social people who are skilled at expressing themselves loud and clear, so their greatest type of intelligence is linguistic. They are known as complex and indecisive individuals, but not when it comes to communication for sure.

Many Geminis with this intelligence love writing, reading, sharing life experiences and even doing crossroad puzzles. Also, Geminis are good with numbers, problem-solving, deduction and logical challenges, so their logical-mathematical intelligence is also among their sharpest.

Cancer: Naturalist, Intra-personal

The most nurturing people of the zodiac who love taking care of others, especially their loved ones, posses naturalist intelligence more than any other sign of the zodiac. Compassionate, protective and caring towards everything on this Earth, Cancerians’ care does not end with people.

They love the nature and have a natural intellect for animals and plants, as they simply have a knack for raising animals and making plants grow. Also, Cancerians are always in tune with their inner selves, as they understand themselves, their feelings and their needs very well.

Leo: Musical, Linguistic

The creative Leos are highly adaptive and broad-minded individuals, which means they can basically accomplish whatever they put their mind to. Due to these qualities, Leos’ musical intelligence exceeds all other types, as they are crucial building blocks of understanding and creating music.

They can naturally memorize melodies, rhythms and tunes, which is why they make amazing composers and musicians. Also, the confident and brave Leos know always how to express themselves clearly, as their linguistic intelligence is right on point.

Virgo: Logical-mathematical, Intra-personal

The detective of the zodiac is of course best at logical and mathematical challenges, puzzles and tasks. Thanks to their patience, analytical, deduction and observation skills, Virgos’ logical/mathematical intelligence is at a level that is impossible to be matched by other zodiac sign.

These practical geniuses can quickly come up with hypothesis and prove them correct. But they are also incredibly self-aware and have a common sense. When you need to call someone help you out win the million in the TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire”, don’t think twice and call a Virgo; they are trivia kings.

Libra: Interpersonal, Musical

Harmony, balance, peace: no matter how stereotypical it may seem, Libras are all about that. How else would they build the perfectly balanced and peaceful life they want if their interpersonal intelligence is not on a high level?

These friendly and interactive individuals can recognize other people’s feelings and whenever needed, they will sacrifice their own happiness in order to make others feel better. They are sensitive to the moods of other people too. Libras can also understand and speak the language of music exceptionally well.

Scorpio: Intra-personal, Visual/Spatial

Scorpios are passionate individuals who know themselves too well. They know their feelings, as well as their goals, so they know how much work they need to put into it to make it happen. Since they can see through people, it’s impossible to lie to a Scorpio; they always know one’s true intentions.

Another type of intelligence these mysterious individuals have is visual-spatial. They are known for being picture smart, as they can visualize real-life images in their head with ease, which makes them naturally good at designing, crafting, etc.

Sagittarius: Existential, Bodily-kinesthetic

Other than Aquarians, no one asks more questions about life than Sagittarius. These philosophers and broad-minded individuals seem to enjoy tackling the big questions about life, such as why we live and die, and what happens after life.

Sagittariuses are constantly looking for their purpose in life and many find it, which is why they often seem like they know exactly what they’re doing all of the time. Their minds and bodies are also well in-sync and they are very good at performing physical tasks and activities. They particularly enjoy creating stuff with their bare hands.

Capricorn: Logical-mathematical, Linguistic

Capricorns are natural problem solvers. Their logical-mathematical intelligence is one of their finest qualities and it suits their mix of personality traits: loyal, sincere, compassionate, and most of all, ambitious.

You learn the true meaning of ambition when you see a driven Capricorn working hard to achieve their goals. In addition, these individuals have no troubles expressing themselves, even if they have to do it for the millionth time.

Aquarius: Existential, Interpersonal

The thinkers of the zodiac are by far people with most existential intelligence, as their curiosity is second to none. All those questions that are virtually impossible to answer are of interest to the ever-thinking Aquarians.

They are inventive and sharp-minded, known as the smartest of the air signs. But Aquarians are also known as people smart. Despite the stereotype that they’re emotionless, Aquarians are humanitarians with big hearts who do not only understand people, but they also do everything they can to help people.

Pisces: Naturalist, Visual/Spatial

Pisceans understand nature like no one. They appreciate all living and non-living things in nature and enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors. Being nature smart makes them great at raising animals and making plants reach their maximum potential without much effort.

Another type of intelligence Pisceans posses is visual-spatial. These highly imaginative individuals can see the world clearly in 3D and they posses artistic skills. They are aware of their surroundings all of the time and never lose sense of direction. Planning a trip to a place you never been? Take a Piscean with you.

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