You may very well receive some form of positive boost or lifting of spirits today, dear Cancer, as the Sun in your sign reaches out in harmony to Neptune.

Your imagination is active but not in an over-stimulating way, and your vision spans well beyond the ordinary right now. You may be drawing up some admiration from others now.

You are in touch with your more spiritual qualities today, and you have a stronger ability to empathize with others.

Problems that were perplexing in recent days tend to seem less daunting, perhaps because your faith that things will work out for the best is strengthening!

The Moon moves into your social sector, encouraging you to seek out like-minded people or kindred spirits.

Grab your courage and take the leap today. If not now, when? A flash of intuitive insight shows you how your gifts could bless your sphere of influence and beyond.

However, aiming for perfectionism keeps you stagnant; start your new endeavor by simply trusting your vision.

Think of who you know with complementary talents to yours, and reach out from a place of desiring collaborative strength instead of neediness. The smallest step of willingness opens a new realm of support from unlikely sources.

You have reached a point in your birthday month where you might be starting to run out of room on your bucket list.

Just days after aligning with Jupiter, in his final days in retrograde motion in a playful part of your chart, the Sun is now aligned with dreamy Neptune, in retrograde motion in an adventurous part of your chart.

With a solar eclipse in Cancer next week, the gods are encouraging you to create a wish list for this coming year that is more aligned with wishful thinking than anything practical.

Today’s Quote: “Just because one person doesn’t seem to care for you, doesn’t mean you should forget about everyone else who does.”

Lucky Numbers: 1, 11, 25, 34, 36, 44

Daily Compatibility: Taurus

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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