Today is strong for seeking some harmony and employing diplomacy, dear Cancer, as well as for coming to peaceful solutions to recent problems in the process.

There may be recognition or reward for past actions, a pleasant surprise from the past, or good feelings and happiness experienced in your inner or private world today.

The Moon spends the day at the top of your solar chart, however, and there can be quite a bit of attention to your broader goals, reputation, performance, or career. A change of pace with how (or even where) you do your work can make all the difference for your productivity now.

You’re so enthusiastic about a particular set of activities today that you try to persuade everyone around you to feel some of your excitement.

Although you hope to convince others to join in your fun, you don’t want to be overly insistent. However, it’s challenging to take the lead if you’re busy wishing someone else would.

Nevertheless, playing the role of the ringleader falls directly on your shoulders now, so you might as well just accept it and get on with your job.

The one planet that will be paying attention as the Moon spends its final hours in your career sector today is Venus.

Now just four days away from her return to your income sector and the start of the three most potentially lucrative months of the year, Venus sees this as a valuable chance to fuel your professional instincts and imagination.

Yet in her last weekend in Cancer, Venus is also urging you to follow your heart and to embrace the weekend spirit.

Today’s Quote: “Life is about laughing & living in good & bad times. Getting through whatever comes our way & looking back with a smile.”

Lucky Numbers: 7, 8, 9, 17, 28, 49

Daily Compatibility: Scorpio

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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