With Mercury in your deep solar eighth house connecting with lucky Jupiter today, dear Cancer, your mind is working like that of a detective, and you could very well solve a mystery, nagging problem, or uncover something valuable now.

Thinking about shared resources and finances or negotiations involving them could also figure strongly now, with strong results or at least a good sense of your prospects. Your confidence in yourself will help get things going.

This is an auspicious time for discovery and insight. Also today, Venus enters your partnership sector, and in the coming four weeks, relationships get a nice boost.

This is more likely to relate to a one-on-one partnership or strong connection. While a meeting of minds is expected today, this new influence in your life helps you harmonize on many other levels.

Fortunate blessings await you in the relationship department. Your woes in connecting ease up, and a silver lining emerges.

You begin to appreciate how people invest in you once you realize how substantial that investment is. This emotional support gives you a major boost.

You find the energy to tackle the pile of mundane tasks that seem to multiply unchecked. When you feel like you are part of a larger team, you are an unstoppable force. Unity is power.

Venus is late returning to your relationship sector this year, but the planet of love returns with perfect timing.

The Moon leaves just hours before Venus returns, not only ensuring your emotional and intuitive responses are engaged from the get go, but there has been a chance to flush out any issues over the last few days.

As the planet of love, Venus returns to update your relationship expectations, at a time when you have the power to move mountains if you have to.

Today’s Quote: “I’ve never really been aware of what is said about me, whether it’s positive or negative. I ignore it. I’ve always had the mind-set: ‘No one can challenge me better than myself.'”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 9, 23, 31, 33, 41

Daily Compatibility: Taurus

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Excellent

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