When you open your heart to a lover today, you help pave the way for exciting possibilities, powerful epiphanies and a romantic connection with real promise.

Even if such a person has very specific requests of you, you’ll be able to see the forest for the trees, harmonizing the situation so that it serves both yours and your paramours interests.

Because your passionate spirit is so vibrant, it practically fizzes to the surface right now, setting you up for a wonderful, win-win experience in matters of the heart.

You might feel a need to question honestly how focused you are on responsibilities and goals to the point where your emotional world takes a back seat.

Or might it be a lover who has become focused intently on both? Your love life is likely affected by one of you burning a candle at both ends.

Don’t let this unhealthy obsession become more of a problem. It could become a serious problem if you allow it to be, in more ways than one.

You have to learn to be more reserved in love. You can expect new, interesting acquaintances. Inch by inch, slowly but surely – patience will give you confidence and security every step of the way.

You may find yourself in a deeply pensive and philosophical mood, turning various events and conversations over and over in your mind in order to try and get to the bottom of a dilemma. Your plans are getting away from reality.

Observe what is happening, make the right conclusions about your personal development. Change of a most positive kind is in the air. Keep your good mood and attitude, in spite of your problems.

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