The Moon is in Virgo and in your 3rd house today, and it is also squaring the Sun in your 12th house. This planetary configuration is highlighting that in order to have healthy communication between you and your partner, it is necessary that you address and express the things that you generally tend to hide or keep to yourself.

It is not possible to have transparency, honesty and therefore trust in an intimate partnership if you’re not willing to share all parts of yourselves.

True intimacy is built on feeling that we can share our deepest and darkest secrets with one another without fear of judgment or disconnection. Today is a great way to practice sharing more of what makes you uncomfortable with your lover.

This is the right moment to make a bold move in your love life, but before you do something rash, take a moment to go over your strategy, beginning with a review of the passionate beliefs, as you know them to be.

You have an opportunity to make alterations to your romantic dreams, because sharing the inspirations that emanate from your heart will bring positivity and new energy into your current love connection. Loving according to your truth means being free right now.

Trying to persuade a loved one or potential partner to accept your point of view could be trickier than you believed it would be. You could feel strongly about a particular matter and discover that the object of your affections feels similarly about their viewpoint.

There are far more benefits than disbenefits to bringing this matter in the open. It may be a discussion that must continue at another time, but at least it has commenced authentically and transparently from the outset.

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