Love puts you in the mood to do something definitive toward your pursuit of joy at this moment. Despite your desire to amp up matters of the heart, there are things to consider, particularly if you’re beginning a new adventure with someone you’re just getting to know.

No matter what your current romantic situation is right now, you’re embracing your personal power and you’re motivated to take steps that you believe will lead to happiness.

If you’re in a long-term partnership, you already know that teamwork makes the dream work. Keep on keeping on.

Passion and desire could intensify, and you might not be able to detect exactly why – but allow them to manifest in any way they choose to!

It’s also possible that you’re learning something valuable about yourself through connecting with whatever or whoever fires you up in such ways. Just be aware of how overpowering you could be to someone close. This could be as intimidating as it is sexy!

The Moon is in Pisces and in your 9th house today, however it is also squaring Jupiter in your 6th house. This is asking you to tend to the bigger/spiritual aspects of your intimate partnerships while also making sure that you are taking care of the more mundane parts of it.

Getting caught in only the hard work that goes into making a relationship succeed, you risk losing touch with the meaning that your relationship can provide your life and becoming resentful and bored with it.

But then getting caught in just the larger/spiritual parts, the relationship is bound to fail as you are neglecting the daily reality that is a major component of any healthy relationship.

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