The Moon is in Pisces and in your 9th house, however it is squaring Venus in your 12th house today. This configuration is emphasizing how being transparent with your partner about the things that you generally don’t share with others helps you achieve more connection and fulfillment within the relationship.

We are so conditioned to keep certain things to ourselves because otherwise we would supposedly be judged or ostracized by others. However, having such beliefs in your partnerships makes it much harder to have a spiritual connection with your significant other.

Also, what are your unconscious negative patterns in relationships that end up sabotaging them? Having similar life beliefs and philosophies with your lovers generally helps you work through those things a lot easier.

Honestly expressing what’s in your heart grows more complicated when you’re concerned about protecting your feelings.

You’re bursting at the seams to share something important with someone you love today, although you’re also simultaneously trying to avoid showing someone your vulnerability.

Even if you’re owning your bright light as much as you own your shadow, you may still experience a bit of stage fright at this moment. If you can trust in love right now, you’ll find yourself in a very good and joyful place. Take a few deep breaths and shine like the star you are.

If you feel confused about your current romantic relationship circumstances, then looking to the past for answers may be helpful, but only to a point.

Sure, you’ve learned some harsh lessons in love but emerged stronger and wiser from them. However, you want love, romance, and intimacy to be much more than a constant learning curve.

In this respect, the cosmos is keen to give you a break. Whatever has felt serious or precarious in your love life looks set to feel noticeably sweeter shortly.

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