This could be the day when you realize that being open about your big feelings can help improve a romantic connection at this time.

You may choose to share pointed thoughts or profound revelations with a love interest, because unburdening yourself will ultimately liberate your energy and expand your heart’s joy.

One word of warning, however; be thoughtful and aware of your mode of expression. Remind yourself that nonverbal communication can be as powerful as words.

What you’ve kept to yourself – either surrounding a past relationship or issues that have arisen recently in a present one – could emerge to anyone who you sense is willing to listen.

Chances are, this won’t be a partner or someone you want to be closer with, either.

An emotional release is likely and if you’ve found a reliable sounding board with a close friend, family member or coworker, then their insights could prove helpful with you letting go of what or who has been holding you back.

You may spend a lot of time developing family finance plans, discussing large purchases or acquiring real estate, but the horoscope advises not to rush your ideas into reality because the layout of the planets is not the most appropriate at this time.

There seems to be a lot of pushing and shoving around this period, not only in your general environment, but also in your family. Do not succumb to emotion because you risk spoiling your relationships with acquaintances and friends, and then at home too.

You are anxious to start something new, but you need to be patient. This cycle will give you the opportunity to deeply analyze the behavior of people around which will bring great benefit.

Your new plans promise considerable success only if you conduct the hard but successful conversations. If you are behind the wheel, be careful and do not exceed the speed limit.

You have known for some time that you need to change if you are ever going to find real happiness. Share and tell around only the most necessary if you can not keep silent.

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