You are usually quite comfortable swimming inside your biggest, most passionate emotions. Today, however, you may feel emotionally stuck, particularly where love is concerned and doubly so if you’ve been overblowing your expectations lately.

Shedding outmoded paradigms is your first step to change your romantic fate right now, as is letting go of what no longer serves you. Do your best and continue to search for ways to tackle your challenges with grace.

Your attitudes toward love, romance, relationships and intimacy are changing – and you know it!

However, there’s something reassuring and maybe even thrilling about how certain needs you put high on your passionate priority list are being replaced with those that suit you better now.

A new passionate purpose is emerging, and the great news is, you and it are evolving together.

The stars do not predict bright events in your love life because the location of some of the planets in your sign pass through a low point, which speaks of a desire to be secluded.

You do have a tendency to hide your real emotions, but soon you will feel like saying it like it is. Be patient with others who may not catch on as quickly as you do.

You are often inclined to forget that your impulsiveness is sometimes unreasonable and traumatizes others. The celestial influences are encouraging you to think up all kinds of plans and schemes in order to attract someone’s attention.

Find the time to consider the excuses you owe to people on whom your happiness depends. Perhaps it’s time for a camping trip or fishing somewhere special and beautiful.

Things do need to change, and burying your head in the sand won’t help. Take your time for rest in the evenings so you don’t crash from exhaustion and strain.

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