The Moon is in Aries and in your 10th house, however it is also squaring Venus in your 1st house.

Notice that the more you learn to be centered within your self, the more successful your romantic partnerships end up being and therefore serve as a good example for the world of what a healthy and fulfilling relationship can look like. It is so important that you take care of your emotional and personal needs just as you do those of your lovers.

So often we can get consumed by the other that we end up feeling empty and resentful. Practice doing things that fill you up and nourish your soul so that you and your partner may be able to do the work out there in the world.

A minor financial slip up can become a big problem for you today if you’re not careful, and you may be confused as to how to bridge this tricky conversation at this moment.

It’s important to clue your partner in on your gaffe as soon as possible, especially if what has occurred affects you both.

Don’t be afraid to be honest, because the situation is definitely not hopeless: The one you love will understand that accidents and oversights happen, and they may even have a smart solution to fix your temporary money woes right now.

A sense of imbalance or injustice could hang over an area of your emotional world, possibly causing you to wonder why effort doesn’t equal results.

But on a sweeter note, a friend or close companion could possibly use support in some way, and your unbiased and logical viewpoints could be just what they need.

Attached Cancerians could feel more excited about plans made for the future, especially if these involve reconnecting with someone from afar.

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