When a lover tests the resilience of your emotional boundaries today, you may take that as an affront and rightly so.

It’s time to be more strict about what’s important to you, especially if your paramour is ignoring the relationship memos you keep putting in their proverbial in-box. Serious Saturn turns direct in your 7th House of Companions right now, helping you focus on your own needs sometimes they have to come first.

By expressing yourself clearly, you’re doing yourself and your love connection an incredibly important service right now. Don’t hold back — make sure you’re advocating for yourself and your most passionate dreams.

The planet of love, Venus, is with you and you can expect that your quests will grow, but you have to stay behind some boundaries in order not to become too demanding. You do not accept criticism because you see it as frivolous.

Patience will be required to deal with someone who doesn’t have as much foresight as you do. Content with themselves will be those of you who are calm and do not create conflicts. A message from the universe – you need to change.

Soon you may need to revise and change you plans for the future. Observe how others react to you and then notice the part you may be playing in encouraging a positive response.

The moment is suitable for a journey involving the beginning of new activities, especially if it’s abroad. Deal with problems that require an immediate solution.

You could be very open-minded toward transformation occurring in your emotional world or a close connection, but are likely to want it to unfold or manifest on your terms.

Fortunately, there appears to be a strong aspect of authenticity between you and someone special, and this person wants nothing more than for you to simply be yourself.

For as long as this level of trust exists between you, a bond or possibly an intimate connection could deepen wonderfully.

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