Relationships are high up on the agenda as 2019 begins, especially in January. Not only is the Sun making its annual visit to Capricorn and your partnership sector until January 20, but there will be a heavy emphasis on balancing “me” and “we” all year long.

How do you team up without losing yourself? It’s a lifelong learning curve for you as the zodiac’s ultimate giver. This year, you’re being propelled to build more mutual connections—in love, friendships and work.

The year begins with the Sun traveling in close contact to sober, structured Saturn, which will lend a serious air to this mission, particularly when these two heavenly bodies make an exact meetup on January 2.

One of your bonds could turn official, or you may decide to erect a firm boundary with a person who siphons your energy. It’s up to YOU to set limits and let people know where you stand.

Connections could come together swiftly on January 5, as the first of this year’s THREE game-changing eclipses in Capricorn (the other two are in July and December) sweeps through your relationship zone.

Someone may make an offer to join forces, and it could come with a considerable dose of clout and responsibility. With accountable Saturn hovering nearby, you might take an unflinching look at your relationships, then start implementing serious steps to improve them.

Since Saturn rules experts, working with a coach or therapist could help if an important tie is on the rocks. Even if your relationships aren’t in jeopardy, learning new interpersonal skills can take you far this year.

The once-a-year conjunction between the Sun and transformational Pluto on January 11 is the perfect day for delving past the superficial or to meditate on the kind of relationships you want to cultivate now.

Write down your insights and intuitive flashes because you could receive some significant signs from the divine today. Single Crabs might connect with someone who feels like a soulmate or kindred spirit.

Since Pluto rules the unconscious, an important person could mirror YOUR unresolved issues. If your buttons get pushed, try to see him or her as a messenger and reflect on the lesson you’re meant to learn (so you don’t have to keep repeating it!).

Your career sphere is also activated this month. For starters, ambitious Mars is in Aries and your tenth house of long-term goals from January 1 to February 14, a cycle that only happens every two years. You’ll be on fire pursuing goals but DO try to pace yourself so you don’t crash and burn.

On January 6, innovator Uranus ends a five-month retrograde and powers forward in Aries, bringing its pioneering influence to your career path.

The next two months are crucial for making big professional changes since on March 6, Uranus will depart Aries, not to return in your lifetime. Uranus has been here since 2011, and your work life may have been all over the map during that time!

Perhaps you found it hard to fully settle into a job, or a company you worked for went through major restructuring and twists.

You might have explored freelancing or an indie business venture or veered into a more cutting-edge field. And if you haven’t yet, the first couple months of this year could bring interesting opportunities to make a radical change.

Your relationship with your father or an important guy could also undergo major shifts since the tenth house rules men. Is it time to be more authentic and assertive?

With both hotheaded Mars and liberated Uranus in Aries, you certainly won’t mince words now, especially if you encounter good old-fashioned sexism or toxic masculinity in your midst. And why should you?

Analysis paralysis alert! On January 13, the first of this year’s three rare Jupiter-Neptune squares could whip up a state of confusion. Dreamy Neptune in your “go big” ninth house tempts you to bite off more than you can realistically chew.

You might be considering doing something adventurous and spontaneous—which is actually healthy for your security-minded sign! But Jupiter in your analytical sixth house could bring out your inner control freak, causing you to overthink every option or start micromanaging a process.

Find a way to stay open to possibilities without taking foolish risks. You’ll grapple with this balance throughout the year as two more exact Jupiter-Neptune squares will arrive on June 16 and September 21.

Take a deep dive starting January 20, when the Sun enters Aquarius and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and focus.

For the next four weeks, you’ll tighten your radius, concentrating only on the highest-priority projects and people. You may crave more privacy, so people will probably have to knock (loudly!) on that Crab shell if they want to find you.

And even then, you’ll only answer selectively. Hey, you might be busy inventing the next world-changing formula or keeping company with a scintillating soulmate, since the Sun in your erotic eighth house can spell “sexytime.”

But don’t go entirely off the grid just yet, Cancer. On January 21, the Leo full supermoon and total lunar eclipse sweeps through your second house of work and income, which could radically alter the way you earn a living.

You may swiftly begin or leave a job—or courageously step onto a whole new path. One Cancer we know, a lifetime corporate exec, is on the verge of starting her own consulting business.

She’s been dipping a toe into these waters since November—and this eclipse will likely help her decide whether to commit herself fully to this path or not.

If you’re unsure of next moves around career and money, you can expect cosmic clarity within a few days of the eclipse. Just be prepared for sudden plot twists! Since this is a lunar eclipse, which can bring out-of-the-blue turning points, you could be presented with a prospect that demands a quick decision.

It’s also possible that a job you’re not loving could be “eclipsed” away, forcing your hand. (Should this happen, consider it a favor from the universe, which is only expediting your soul’s deepest wishes!)

This is the grand finale in a two-year series of eclipses that have reverberated across the Leo-Aquarius axis since February 2017, transforming your approach to money, self-esteem and work.

Over the past two years, you may have changed jobs (or job descriptions) several times, or learned how to make your money work harder for you.

From property to passive income to paying off debt, opportunities to become fiscally savvy have popped up on the horizon. Now the eclipses will land in Cancer and Capricorn for the rest of 2019, reshaping your personal identity and your closest ties!

Also on January 21, Mars in your career zone will lock into a tense square with structured Saturn in your relationship house. Demands from work could cut into quality time with a special someone. Or you may reach an impasse in negotiations with a client or colleague.

Is this person intentionally blocking you—or are you being too much of a bulldozer? Pushiness will only drive up their resistance. Slow down and hear their objections to make sure you’re not being rash.

But be assertive about your needs and ideas. Maybe you’re just not presenting them in a way that makes them feel safe or confident about moving forward. A little reframing could get you past this hurdle. And if not? You may decide to let this one go and direct your energy elsewhere.

The stars are much more cooperative on January 25, when Mars will beam into a flowing trine with expansive Jupiter in your sixth house of service.

You’ll be able to present your ideas as a win-win, and since the sixth house rules helpful people, you’ll easily rally Team Crab to support your cause.

This dynamic day could bring an exciting moneymaking opportunity, most likely doing work that helps people and betters the world. Making a living AND a difference sounds like the perfect gig for a caring Crab!

And with these two bold planets synced up, you’re primed to take a risk and just go for it. If you’re happy at your current job, you could look for a project with a “giving back” mission—or spearhead one for your company.

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