Reach out to your network, Crab. This month draws you beyond the confines of your shell—while still offering some cozy downtime in between jaunts. With the Sun in Taurus and your social, idealistic eleventh house until May 21, your connections are your lifeblood.

Pull yourself out of worker-bee mode and go to that event or lunch, making sure to share what you’re up to with old and new acquaintances. Possibilities are percolating right in your circle, Cancer, but you won’t find them unless you start spreading the news!

You may have the opportunity to play superconnector yourself, especially on May 4, when the year’s only Taurus new moon beams into this same sector of your chart. A friendship or meeting of the minds could spark, or you might begin exploring a fruitful collaboration.

Events that occur today will unfold in the coming two weeks, continuing to gain momentum until the November 12 Taurus full moon. And with trailblazing Uranus in Taurus for the next seven years (a long stretch that began on March 6), you’re certain to meet fascinating folks wherever you go now.

The eleventh house rules technology, so look for ways you can raise your digital profile, from sprucing up your online profiles to downloading helpful apps to crowdsourcing talent for your big ideas. Looking for that missing link to pull off a grand vision? Put it out into the pixel-sphere—and tell your friends to ask their friends. The May 4 new moon is a great day to gather. Host a party or meetup and adopt a “more the merrier” open-door policy.

But don’t forget to squeeze in regular disco naps! As excited as you are to mix and mingle, your energy levels could dip if you don’t pace yourself. Go-getter Mars is in Gemini and your internal twelfth house until May 15, demanding that you make time to rest and turn inward. You may need to deal with unfinished business or emotions you haven’t had the chance to fully process.

Are you struggling to forgive and forget? Working with a healer or therapist can help you reach closure—and Mars emboldens you with the courage to confront that core issue. On May 5, Mars will oppose outspoken Jupiter in your analytical sixth house, a day when you can REALLY say how you feel, or view your emotions through an objective, big-picture lens.

You’ll be glad you did that inner work come May 15, when red-hot Mars blazes into Cancer, heating up your ambition and sex appeal until July 1. This biannual visit from the red planet blesses you with major magnetism. While it can be a bit exhausting to host Mars in your sign (everything’s moving so fast!), it’s also stimulating—AND an opportunity to make decisive moves.

The May 18 Scorpio full moon brings a peak romantic moment, flooding your amorous and playful fifth house with passion. Hold court in your most stylish garb or flirt with utter abandon—or both! Your creativity could also be off the charts today, so make room for the muse!

Warning: The full moon in this expressive (and sometimes highly reactive) part of your chart can intensify your emotions, unleashing them with force and drama. Be responsible for how you communicate your feelings instead of just spewing an unfiltered outpouring at the nearest party. The fifth house also rules fertility, so Crabs looking to add a new member to their clan could get some lunar-powered babymaking energy from these moonbeams.

After the first amped-up week of Mars in Cancer, you’ll return to the theme of balancing outgoing energy with rest. On May 21, the Sun slips into Gemini and your twelfth house of healing and closure, beckoning you back into your sanctuary. Pace yourself for the next four weeks, tying up any loose ends or lingering obligations before Cancer season (and your birthday time!) arrives. You might crave some time off the grid so you can follow your own rhythms.

Just be careful not to isolate yourself. Mars in Cancer can also dial up excessive pride. Catch yourself if you start pulling the “I’ll just do it myself” martyr routine. There’s no shame in needing support—and with the Sun in your compassionate twelfth house, that unconditional love is all around you. The key? To tap into it, you’ll have to give it to yourself first.

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