At last: It’s time to take the wheel and make some bold decisions or declarations. The previous couple months have felt chaotic for many Taureans as you’ve been adapting to a once-every-84-years visit from radical changemaker Uranus. The side-spinning planet is visiting your sign from March 2019 until April 2026, revolutionizing your entire life and identity. We bet you’re feeling it, Bull!

If you “haven’t been yourself” or had the sense that life is moving faster than you can control, well, you’re right. And as the zodiac’s steadiest sign, you’re not exactly comfortable with change that YOU don’t initiate yourself (and even THEN it can be challenging). It’s as if you discovered that you built your home on an earthquake fault line and are suddenly experiencing major tremors.

But this month, as the Sun glides through Taurus until May 21, you may actually welcome a little shake-up to the status quo. You’re always providing for everyone else, but what about YOU?

Your wants and needs—or at least the process of discovering what those are—can take priority now. It’s okay if you’re starting from a totally blank slate, even if that feels scary. With your birthday season in full swing, you could feel all the more compelled to make firm choices about the next phase of your life.

On May 4, the only Taurus new moon of 2019 marks your “personal new year,” a cosmic coming-out day that puts you in touch with your truth. This new moon launches you on a six-month voyage of self-discovery and autonomy. If you’ve got a personal initiative or passion project underway, map out where you’d like to be by the corresponding Taurus full moon on November 12. Then take your first bold step toward that destination!

The next day, however, you could feel a bit overwhelmed by the details. On May 5, speedy Mars and impulsive Jupiter will form an opposition across your financial axis. Make sure you’re not racing into this without some kind of plan and budget.

But it’s not just about trimming excess or being frugal, Bull. Are you allocating enough to grow? Consider how large and how fast you want to “scale” a project and don’t limit yourself, even if you’re not sure right now how you’ll do it.

Just because you’re blazing your own trail doesn’t mean you have to go it alone, of course. On May 18, the Scorpio full moon beams into your seventh house of committed partnerships. Is there a certain relationship you’d like to officialize?

Whether for love, business or creative collaboration, this full moon marks a turning point for you and a certain plus-one. For longtime duos, how can you enrich your relationship with vibrant communication or a shared project that lights you both up?

For some Bulls, this full moon could help you decide that it’s time to part ways or close a chapter of a relationship. Your decisive sign has never been a particularly good fence-sitter, so it will be a relief to make a firm choice one way or another. Got a contract to sign or a deal to close? Wrap negotiations by May 18. Then, if you feel confident proceeding, sign on the dotted line!

One or two of your big ideas could gain traction starting May 21, when the Sun enters Gemini and your grounding second house. With el Sol in this Taurus-ruled sector, you’re ready to materialize those lofty visions and begin building them brick by brick. Your mind is on money, work and productivity—but make time to enjoy those sensual pleasures that make #TaurusLife worth living!

Getting into a steady routine should be easier now. Even a simple daily practice, such as free-writing for 15 minutes with your morning coffee or taking a 20-minute walk after dinner, can be incredibly anchoring. A little “nature and chill” will also soothe your earth-sign soul, so go commune with plants and trees.

For inspiration on filling your own home with leafy love, check out the feed of plant stylist Hilton Carter and his inspiring new book, Wild at Home. Green is definitely the new black for you this month, Taurus—whether we’re talking about finances or connecting with living, growing beauty. Tending to a plant is a symbolic act of nurturing growth, which will bring you into the perfect energy field for Gemini season.

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