So much for the traditional Crab! On Monday, May 6, inquisitive Mercury commences its annual tour of sensual Taurus and your innovative, eclectic eleventh house, drawing you to quirky creators, chic geeks and idealistic social activists.

During this two-week wild ride, no one will need to coax you out of your protective shell—you’ll be leading the pack to the next exciting whistle stop on your reinvention tour. This is a time to let your hair down, color outside the lines and allow yourself to expand and explore in areas where you feel stuck.

Between now and May 21, the direct pathway to change is blasting through your comfort zone and trusting that you’re in a safe and loving universe with people who’ve got your back. Grab one reliable wing(wo)man and sample different scenes, follow friends on THEIR favorite activities and, when you do feel stuck, crowdsource your crew for inspiration.

One thing to stay on guard against? Burnout. As an empathic Cancer, you often give until it literally hurts. Stop before you reach that point. Don’t reflexively say yes to everyone’s requests until you’ve checked your schedule and confirmed you actually have time, because if YOUR happiness tanks hits empty, you won’t be much good to anyone.

On Wednesday, Mercury holds its annual summit with transformative Uranus, who’s quite at home in this zone. If there’s one big change you’re dying to make, tap into this energy and take the plunge!

Your speed may get checked by forces outside yourself on Tuesday, when restrained Saturn slams into a tense square with creative, competent Venus in your career sector. Just as you were reaching cruising altitude, Saturn goes and hits the manual override. While this could cause a bit of emotional whiplash, there’s value to this slowdown (whether you realize it or not).

It’s possible that you were heading too fast in the wrong direction or just need an opportunity to step back and assess your progress before you go any further. Tough-love Saturn also helps you contemplate the impact your actions will have on others.

If you’re on the right track, these could be mutually beneficial. But veer off-course and others may wind up mopping up after you. With alluring Venus in your goal-oriented tenth house, you could waltz into a gainful collaboration, but pay heed to Saturn’s warnings and make sure you do a thorough background check before you sign on any dotted line.

You’ll have time, patience and clarity of mind to weigh the benefits of a business deal or relationship on Thursday, so hold off till then if you can. Diplomatic Venus will harmonize with auspicious, confident Jupiter in your work sectors, setting the stage for a profitable partnership.

You may be eager to say yes with Jupiter spurring you on, but first, break out the magnifying glass and fine-tooth comb to review the small print. Ask a savvy friend or lawyer to review it for you if money is involved.

But if you keep hitting all green lights, take a chance and go for it. This Venus-Jupiter mashup also invites you to share your successes and “riches” with the less fortunate. What goes around will come around!

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