Hoping for a relationship reboot—or maybe a status shift? This week’s stars blow open the doors of opportunity to make the desired changes in your life.

On Tuesday, April 17 future-oriented Saturn begins his annual five-month retrograde, and for the first time since 1991, this is happening in Capricorn, which rules your seventh house of partnerships.

While some people find this a challenging aspect, it can actually be brilliant for moving a needle that’s stuck in the groove. And when intensifier Pluto follows Saturn into retrograde motion in this same realm on Sunday, brace yourself for some deep and lasting transformation.

In a sense, this one-two punch is like having a mirror held up to you, since nothing reveals our hidden shadow sides quite like intimate relationships. Since Saturn is sometimes referred to as the “personal trainer planet,” you can think of his reversal here as getting you to work some muscles that have gone slack.

Yeah, you’ll feel the burn, but if you do your work, by the end of the cycle, you’ll be in a whole different place. And since this three-year phase of Saturn opposing your Sun (from December 19, 2017 until December 17, 2020) only happens every 29 years, you’ll want to take full advantage of this opportunity for quantum growth, painful as it might feel at moments.

Force yourself to take off the rosy lenses and view all of your key unions with clear-eyed vision. In the wild world of dating, set the bar high and keep it there. Be quick to wave buh-bye to anyone who shows flaky, commitment-phobic or overly critical tendencies.

Retrogrades rule the past, so if you have unfinished business with someone—or one of you was quick to end things—you may very well get a second chance.

Also on Tuesday, vixen Venus duets with two power planets—Jupiter and Pluto—and it may be hard to tell if you’re experiencing a meeting of the minds or a fiery face-off. She’s opposing expansive Jupiter in your amorous and theatrical fifth house, which could drive up sexual tension with a friend or coworker.

Resist Jupiter’s temptation to dive in before you think through the possible consequences. At the same time, she’s also harmoniously aligned with powerful Pluto in your partnership zone, and casual flirtations might only serve to frustrate you.

You may want to hit “pause” and do some soul-searching to make sure you’re not getting sucked into the vortex of someone else’s drama. The more you can stay in control, the smarter your decisions will be.

At the very least, try to stall on taking momentous action until Thursday, when the Sun hoofs into Taurus and your collaborative eleventh house, lightening the energy until May 20. If you’re feeling weak, turn to your inner circle for the support—and healthy distraction—you need.

Throw yourself into a work project in which you can be part of a tightly meshed team. You’ll get more done, plus you’ll have way more fun doing it. And since the eleventh house rules technology, you might launch a digital venture to tremendous initial success.

Looking for love—or just a warm, friendly body? Flex those swiping fingers and be more creative. During this solar power surge, romance could be just a few clicks away! /The AstroTwins

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