Warning: Speed camera at the upcoming intersection! If you’ve been gunning it with a budding business or romantic partnership, you may wind up with an emotional citation. On Monday, April 2 rash Mars tangles up with restrained Saturn in your seventh house of committed union.

While you may get whiplash from this “speed up, slow down” pace, it can actually bring about a very important course correction. For starters, follow Saturn’s lead and call a timeout to get your bearings. You may THINK you’re heading in the right direction, then suddenly you realize you’ve been blown way off-course.

If you can detach from what the outcome might be, you’ll gain a clearer and more realistic perspective. For instance, when’s the last time you checked in with the other party about your current goals? You may have started on the same page, but life has a way of redirecting us.

This is not only okay, Cancer—it’s natural and healthy! But to keep the partnership rock-solid, you need to periodically review where you’re both at and what you want (also how you’d like to get it). Here’s a perfect opportunity to take a break from forward progress and talk about these things.

Bringing more honesty and transparency will ultimately help things. Do you need a legal contract spelling out the terms of your union? Do you know what your partner or potential love interest wants regarding marriage, a home and children? Breaking the ice might be awkward, but worse would be finding out your values have parted ways.

The stars bring another opportunity to rethink a relationship when structured Saturn aligns with amorous Venus in your people houses on Saturday. This could expand your definition of love or help you stop fixating on someone.

On top of all this, messenger Mercury is still retrograde, so things might not be proceeding the way—or as quickly—as you’d like. Patience, Crab! Distract yourself from unhealthy thought patterns or negative people with social activities that are pure fun.

Ask a good friend to be your emotional “gatekeeper,” and have her steer you off the subject of THAT person when you start to go there. Do something that’s sure to make you LOL, whether that’s going to a movie or comedy show. When you are home alone, keep things on a “higher vibe” by reading a spiritual or inspirational book or blogs.

You might figure out a perfect way to get a certain relationship back in a positive groove on Sunday, when a balancing quarter moon in Capricorn shines a light on lopsided dynamics in your partnership house.

Take ownership of how YOU’VE been behaving and make sure you’re not acting out of neediness or trying to control things. If you’ve been giving too much, take a look at that. Is that a generous but misguided attempt to be loved?

Or, if you’ve taken more than your fair share, here’s your chance to tweak the balance sheet—not that anyone is keeping score. (Well, hopefully not!) The goal is to get things flowing again. Don’t dwell on the past, and come up with suggestions for how to move forward in a way you’re both comfortable with. /TheAstroTwins

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