Honesty is the best policy, but you need to be careful how much truth serum you dole out. Too much of the very medicine that can help a situation might have a paradoxical effect, costing you a friend or supporter.

On Monday, April 2 when uninhibited Mars mashes up with restrained Saturn in Capricorn and your candid ninth house, you may struggle to censor yourself. But doing so is worth the effort. It’s not a matter of whether your perspective is accurate or not; it’s how you convey things to other people. (After all, at the end of the day, would you rather be right or happy?)

While you’re doing this self-reflecting, think about why you feel the need to let people know their shortcomings. Is there a way to communicate using yourself as an example, or by turning a negative into a positive?

For instance, instead of telling your colleague where she dropped the ball, suggest she try doing X, Y and Z. If you truly can’t sit with something you’ve observed or are feeling, talk to someone who might be able to do something constructive about the situation.

You don’t want to stew in your juices, but try to find a compassionate way to express your dissatisfaction. Get it out of your system and, after you’ve given them a chance to respond, redirect the conversation to something fun you’re planning.

With your ninth house activated, an outdoor adventure or researching an upcoming vacation will help reseal the bond.

On Saturday, structured Saturn makes another direct hit, this time in a positive angle to your ruler, Venus, which is trekking through your sign. Thanks to Saturn’s supportive scaffolding, you’ll find a practical way to implement a big dream or ambition.

While it’s important to do your blue-sky dreaming (which the ninth house rules), follow the slow and steady “one step a time” lead of Saturn. You probably won’t stay in balance 24-7 but at least you’ll catch yourself when you lean too far to one side.

The best approach might be to dive in but wear a safety harness, and be prepared to rein yourself in when you get off-course.

Sunday’s balancing quarter moon in Capricorn and this excitable chart sector can help you regain your equilibrium. Pull off the freeway of your worldly expansion and take a look at your GPS.

Spontaneity only works well for your methodical sign in short bursts. Then you need to slow it down and carefully navigate your path. What also helps? Knowing where you want to wind up!

This is an excellent opportunity to do some basic project management around your grander vision. You know what they say, Bull: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

You don’t have to map out the next three years of your life, but having a clear sense of the milestones you’d like to hit along the way will keep you on the right course—and in the appropriate lane! /TheAstroTwins

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