Dust off your dumbbells, break out your blender, yield to your yoga mat! This Tuesday, February 26, an activating quarter moon in sporty Sagittarius might actually inspire (instead of guilt-trip) you to lace up your trainers, return to Pilates class or just reacquaint yourself with local walking trails.

The point is simply to get regular movement into your life, which research shows is good for pretty much everything, from the physical to the psychological to the spiritual. And who are you to argue with that? Of course, to your home-loving, comfort-seeking sign, this can be a rude departure from your cozy luxuriating.

You don’t have to dive into the deep end. Lean in to the balancing energy of this lunation then wade in to get acclimated, and slowly work up your speed. This way you’ll avoid injury and you won’t lose steam.

Remember, this is something you want to incorporate into your life, and keep doing, for as long as you can. The trick is finding exercise you enjoy and can stick to. Some Crabs will be happy with one or two routines while others may need to mix it up more.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something! On a related note, have a good look at what’s going into your mouth. It’s easy to discount those mid-afternoon snacks and high-caloric caffeine drinks.

Be proactive and keep nuts and protein bars in your purse or at your desk. And when you feel your blood sugar dip, reach for that or something with a slower “burn.” Once you get used to it, you may even lose (some of) your taste for refined sugar.

Mojo: spiking! On Friday, fervent Venus flashes into Aquarius and your eighth house of eroticism and intimacy for the next several weeks. Can you feel the heat? But even with your powers of attraction dialed up, you’re not about to lower your standards. Nor should you!

Knowing what kind of person you’d like to draw into your shell can help you conjure the actual being. If you don’t have an updated list of qualities you’re seeking, this is a wonderful time to create one, focusing on the values and characteristics rather than physical attributes. (You might want to include “wildly attractive to me and attracted by me.”)

Single Crabs should make a point of looking—and being—your best every day. Attached? Did you intensify your commitment over the past three weeks when Venus was in future-minded Capricorn and your partnership zone?

Starting this Friday, those bonds could put down DEEP roots and prep you for permabonding. During March, you might decide to merge property or finances. Make sure all your assets are protected.

Since the eighth house also rules metaphysics and mystery, this is an excellent time to work with a mentor or join a spiritual or philosophical group. Take a self-improvement class, do your inner work, and if you feel safely supported, examine your shadow side.

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