While it’s a fine idea to always give people the benefit of the doubt, that’s not the same as blindly assuming that none of those sweet-faced sheep in your herd might possibly be a wolf! Under a rib-poking face-off between the Sun in your security zone and provocateur Uranus in your community center on Monday, July 29, you might not be able to write off someone’s bad behavior as “aberrant” anymore.

Once the dust from this dustup settles, you will see them for what they are and perhaps even connect some dots back to previous “episodes.” Once someone breaks your trust, it’s not so easy to repair it. Even if the person is someone you care about—or thought was redeemable—this is actually a lesson for YOU, Cancer: to respect yourself enough to cut a cord that hurts you.

All the hoping and positive-thinking in the world won’t change a narcissist or energy vampire. One possible upside? A formerly platonic pal could share their feelings about you, leaving the ball in your court as to whether or not you want to cross that line.

Wednesday marks the year’s only Leo new moon, which powers up your second house of security and finances and could be a serious game-changer. You’ve been watching the horizon, waiting for your ship to come in, and you should start to see the tops of the sails in the near distance. But the degree of your success will be consummate with your efforts, vision and—perhaps most importantly—your belief that you deserve this! This new moon can definitely shift the tides, but it also brings a rare and enlightening opportunity to look at your own limiting beliefs around money.

Over the next two weeks (the manifesting period of this lunation), scour your unconscious mind and root out any negative thinking about your worthiness. At the same time, take concrete steps to curb unnecessary spending, pay down debt and get a realistic (and aggressive) savings plan in place. If you’ve been thinking about working with a financial adviser, this would be the perfect time, regardless of your bank account balance.

If July’s Mercury retrograde has had you tearing your hair out, you can finally relax! Just before midnight on Wednesday, the cosmic messenger corrects course, and signals may magically unscramble. The pivot began on July 7 in your money house, then backed up into Cancer on July 19, which might have muddled even the clearest and most basic communications. With this stall-out happening in your sign, personal projects might have been halted, or in certain intimate relationships, you may have felt like you weren’t speaking the same language.

Starting now, Mercury will be back in forward motion in Cancer until August 11. Let the smoke clear, then crank up the machinery on those grand plans and get your relationships back in gear. You might even score a new coup thanks to all this pent-up energy.

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