As a Taurus, you’re always prepared to defend your turf—and your well-considered opinions. Someone might not realize what they’re going up against on Monday, July 29, when they attempt to overstep their bounds on a personal matter that’s close to your heart.

With the strong-willed Leo Sun settling into your domestic quarters for a month, you’ve been enjoying the sanctity of your Bullpen and strong bonds of good friends and family. But Monday’s tense square from disruptive Uranus in your sign could unleash some wild curveballs.

If these were coming from a random person, it might be easy to overlook them (or just duck). But it’s likely that your peaceful existence is being disturbed by someone you can’t ignore, like a relative, roommate or young (or immature) person in your life.

A little patience is one thing, but if they cross a line and disrespect your needs, you need to speak up. It’s important that you don’t let this go on so long that it becomes an 800-pound pink elephant in your living room. And just for the record, this elbow-jabbing square might make YOU a bit rash or gruff. Try to stay aware so you don’t hit something in your blind spot.

Wednesday’s skies feature the year’s only new moon in Leo, which restores the joie de vivre at home AND sets the stage for some exciting transformations over the coming six months. While you can’t ignore work and your hundred other obligations, this is a personal invitation to move domestic matters higher up the agenda. You don’t need to poll your pals: Where have you been craving a change?

If you’ve been living in cramped or otherwise unpleasant quarters, aren’t getting along with your roommate—or need to rebalance the give and take with bae—this lunation can trigger necessary shifts. Over the next two weeks, do your legwork, whether that’s scouring listings, checking out potential new ‘hoods or taking a deep dive into Pinterest design boards. But since a new moon’s influence can have ripple effects for up to six months, feel entitled to take your time to find or create your perfect home. After all, a Taurus’ home is their castle!

More exciting astro news lands on Wednesday. Shortly after the new moon hits, messenger Mercury ends an annoying three-week retrograde that began in Leo and your home zone on July 7. Then, on July 19, it back-flipped into Cancer and your third house of communication and socializing, which might have started scrambling some signals.

Now that Mercury’s moving ahead again, you can start building or reinforcing some alliances, putting a professional message out on the wire, or just hitting the summer soiree circuit with your squad.

Mercury will speed through Cancer until August 11, giving all your communiques a little extra panache and punch. If you’ve been quarreling with a sibling, neighbor or coworker, this course correction will help you bury the hatchet (as opposed to lobbing it in their general direction). If you truly can’t come to a meeting of the minds, then kiss, make up, and agree to disagree.

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