If you missed the wellness wagon on its last few passes around your block, lace up your trainers and go flag it down! Monday, June 17, marks the year’s only the full moon in sporty Sagittarius and your sixth house of health, fitness and daily routines. If you’ve been slacking a bit in any of those areas, this lunar lift can give you a blast of motivation to start a new regimen—and stick with it!

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a goal that you’ll get around to “someday.” It’s the foundation of a happy and healthy life! You want to feel strong and limber and get your stress under control. If you’re having sleep or energy issues or your moods too frequently get the better of you, an underlying imbalance is the likely culprit.

Over the next two weeks, get belated medical appointments on the books, commit to regular movement (whether outdoors, at the gym or yoga or dance studio), load up your fridge with plant-based goodies and treat yourself to some massage or other bodywork. For Cancers who HAVE been prioritizing self-care, your body might be ready for a mild detox, in which you cut out—or cut way back on—dairy, meat, alcohol and sugar, or whatever your top vice is.

Consider kickstarting this new healthy game plan with a trip to a spa or a retreat—or just a soulful sojourn. On Friday, Neptune reverses course and commences its annual five-month retrograde in Pisces and your ninth house of travel, study and personal growth. If you’ve got the time and the funds, you could embark on a life-altering escapade to a dream destination or parts unknown. Whether you travel with a friend, partner or solo, you’re sure to have some magical experiences that can elevate your world.

Of course, actually getting on a plane to expand your horizons isn’t required if you can tap into Neptune’s transcendental depths and sojourn through your own subconscious. Metaphysical books are gateways to these realms, so dust off your favorites. However you go “exploring,” this five-month cycle has the potential to bring on some powerful healing.

A bit later on Friday, your birthday season gets underway as the el Sol enters Cancer and illuminates your first house of identity for the next four weeks. You’ll be celebrating the longest day of light AND getting ready to enact some exciting new changes or upgrades to your style and appearance.

But before you bring in the new, what do you want to shed? If you’ve been too much in your head (or cocoon) while the Sun trekked through your introspective twelfth house, this solar power surge can restore your joie de vivre and give you a million reasons to get stoked about life. Is there someone you should cut loose—a person you might love but who only holds you back?

In some cases, you may need to be abrupt in the cord-cutting, but if this is somebody you want (or need) to keep in your life in some capacity, a little more finesse may be required.

It’s also possible that a straightforward conversation—or better boundaries—could turn the tide. This is your cosmic cue to revisit or redouble efforts on a passion project—you know, the one you shelved to help other people realize THEIR dreams? And watch: As you expand and develop your authentic self-expression, you’ll become even more radiant!

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