Your social butterfly wings are about to get a workout when enchanting Venus beams into Taurus this Wednesday, May 15, and fires up your outgoing eleventh house until June 8. Whether you’ve been looking for a book or wine club to join or a sporty activity to participate in, no one will have to pry you out of your shell.

The fun will find you, Cancer, and for a change, the more will be the merrier. Since Venus rules all things romantic, you could meet your match while out mingling casually, or friends may wind up innocently playing Cupid for you.

The eleventh house also rules technology, so if you’re single (and looking), give a new dating app a swipe. Even if you’ve sworn off Tinder, who’s to say you can’t become the high priestess of Hinge or the belle of Bumble? Coupled Crabs should come out of hibernation and circulate as a pair.

With Venus in cultural-activities-loving Taurus, you can spend the next few weeks hopping from oyster bars to art openings to live shows at area venues. Or get a weekend getaway with friends on the books. How about renting a house with water views, or better yet, a houseboat?

Later Wednesday, Venus’ companion, white-hot Mars, switches signs, and this one has your name written all over it! Until July 1, the red planet will zing through Cancer, charging up your adventurous, can-do spirit! This transit only happens every other year, so take advantage of it. You’ll feel like you can take on the world—and you literally should. With Mars buoying your courage, you can finally get a passion project out of neutral and off to a running start!

Head’s up: You might want to develop this independently (as in, without unsolicited feedback) at first to make sure that the vision is truly your own. And while finding a moment to breathe may feel challenging for the coming seven weeks, you’d be wise to schedule some. Slip off to noon yoga flow classes and keep a meditation app on the first screen of your phone. Minimizing stress is a must to keep your sensitive emotions balanced and your temper in check!

Whether you scheduled it or not, you may be staging a big reveal this Saturday when the full moon in Scorpio raises the curtain in your fifth house of fame. Some prominent eyes will be tracking you in the two weeks to follow, so don’t miss the opportunity to trot out your latest achievements.

You could wind up attracting more than just fans. A funder might want to invest in your concepts; an influencer may wish to take you under her capable wing. Ready to play the lead? It could be you stepping into the power position and assembling a support staff to help bring a dream to life. The fifth house is also the realm of romance, and the weekend could find you flush with spring fever.

Get ready! One proactive move might accelerate an attraction from a slow trot to a full gallop. Coupled Crabs aren’t exempt from the rush of romance—but you may need to be more forthright with bae. Get talks going about next steps, but make sure you’re positioning the discussion in an engaging and worry-free way. In the fertile fifth house, babymaking could be part of the discussion—or a “birthing” of a shared creative plan!

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